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CodeWraith 15-Sep-23 4:28am View    
Just a little update: It's working now, but it was a bit of trial and error. We had no choice but to 'fix by update'. Anything higher than framework version 4.5.1 would work without any further code changes. Thanks for the help.
CodeWraith 26-Jun-23 12:48pm View    
Thanks. Any actual configuration probably really is not that complex, but it's a Lego world with many different possibilities to put the Legos together. All of them are as valid as any other. Hard to find any reasonable place to make any sort of compromise. Another example would be devices that act as DMA devices when the processor is in a certain operating mode, but are attached to the processor's input and output ports in another operating mode. Both ways must be configured and available, plus some way to decide at any time which of the two options is to be used.
CodeWraith 28-Apr-22 8:48am View    
Thanks, I'm going to try it right now.
CodeWraith 24-Nov-20 6:28am View    
I have a documentation from the customer's interface. Maybe I will find something in there that helps me make sense of the response objects. Leaving the only property (another object or structure) at null, no matter what I put into it on the server side, defeats the purpose of a response object.
CodeWraith 24-Nov-20 6:13am View    
Thanks. As it seems now, only SOAP 1.2 allows you to forget about SOAPactions or leave them empty. I still get weird response values, but that may be due to the declaration of these objects. They were generated from the customer's WSDL after all. At least the client and the server now agree on how to call the web methods.