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Member 13325846 7-Jul-19 8:39am View    
No, if you Open printer Properties from Microsoft Word and go to the Layout tab, in a combobox named Unit Of Metrics, you will see what is my mean. is there a way to attach an image here for you?
Member 13325846 6-Jul-19 16:28pm View    
I cannot to have unit (cm) i want to have the unit in a lable. 21.7 without its unit is accessible in paper size properties. do you any way to have the selected unit from printer setup dialog box?
Member 13325846 6-Jul-19 13:54pm View    
How can I get its dimention? means inch, cm or mm?
Member 13325846 6-Jul-19 10:47am View    
Thanks for your answer.
I have a software that gets the unit of set paper size in the layout tab of the printer setup dialog box in a lable(e.g. width:21.7cm). that is why i say this is possible, but i had surfed many sites and I have found no related topic.
Member 13325846 1-Feb-19 3:51am View    
Thanks a lot. somebody like you make the life better and easier.