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Simos Sigma 6-May-23 3:05am View    
I read all your links very carefully. All those things are really useful and thank you very much. I'll surly keep all this as a reference. But in my case I think something else is wrong!!! What do I mean?

I think that all this, the issue with the field of the DP which is empty in VS "Property Editor" after I start and close my application, is happening because my custom control is nested into < Button.ToolTip > for some reason. Even if, for example, I create an other derived control, a "TextBlock", with a custom DP and put it into < Button.ToolTip >, I have the same issue. If I put my derived control out of < Button.ToolTip >, issue ceases to exist!!!
Simos Sigma 23-Feb-23 8:28am View    
Simos Sigma 20-Feb-23 9:46am View    
Hello Graeme!!! First of all I hope you had a really nice day with your family and again, I am really sorry for the inconvenience!!!

Now about my question...

Your solution worked and I think I found what I was doing wrong. I saw your last update but as you said, both examples are almost identical. I think the problem was the way that I was referencing my WPF Control Library into my WPF Application. From the Referencing Manager window I was referencing to the .dll file of my WPF Control Library. When I did a reference to the .csproj file of my WPF Control Library it worked!!! Do you think this was the problem after all or should it work with the simple reference to dll anyway?

And one more strange thing. Into my App.xaml file, at <wpfResourceLib48:DesignTimeResourceDictionary DesignTimeSource="/wpfResourceLib48;component/Resources/Styles/Window.xaml" /> I get this error Error XDG0010 Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined. but if I run my app starts normally.
Simos Sigma 19-Feb-23 7:42am View    
Okay I apologize for the inconvenience!!! Have a nice day with your family!!! :)
Simos Sigma 19-Feb-23 6:51am View    
I do exactly the same for my WPF .NET Framework 4.8 project and it doesn't work!!! I get no errors but the Background remains unchanged... Can you please upload the same example for WPF .NET Framework 4.8 so to check it? Because I think that it has to do with the .NET Framework version. Thank you very much and I apologize if I am wasting your time!!!