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Member 13604021 3-Jan-18 9:38am View    
I got it, thank you soo much !
Member 13604021 3-Jan-18 0:06am View    
The thing that i don't understand that "test" is not a variable it is a class name and it should not be declared in the main as far as i know,
when we are working with classes it is enough to write class name and then create an object to this class and "*p" is an object name in which dynamic array "new test" is assigned to the pointer if i not misunderstood the code, and i don't really understand where is mistake exactly because code is from book and i need to trace it , thank you for replying !
Member 13604021 2-Jan-18 22:11pm View    
the list of errors are here,i could not upload image so this is the link of the image ttps://, thank you .