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Comments by The Cool Cat (Top 25 by date)

The Cool Cat 2-Aug-21 4:23am View    
You should prevent this from happening, it's in your hands. First things first, do not allow different users to have the same username, you should block it right away in user registration or find any way so users can't register with the same username.
The Cool Cat 21-May-20 4:48am View    
Thank you so much, this helped me alot. :)
The Cool Cat 21-Feb-19 1:35am View    
Yes Member 14156756. We won't be able to help you if you won't explain what you want.
The Cool Cat 11-Feb-19 4:22am View    
Your table is kinda confusing.
The Cool Cat 6-Feb-19 19:29pm View    
The form itself would be great, but if he puts another checkbox that was not included to be passed in the query then other container can be used. But it also depends on how he will use it. It's his choice though.