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Comments by Vitaly Tomilov (Top 63 by date)

Vitaly Tomilov 17-Jun-13 10:40am View    
I did. Partial view give you pretty much a static page, i.e. generated only once, which means I would have to place all of my dialogs into a container and generate them all at start. I have lots of dialogs. Not only I do not want to generate every feasible dialog inside container, I want to do this only when needed, which means engaging razor engine dynamically, hence the question.
Vitaly Tomilov 20-Dec-12 9:17am View    
Good fix on your part, because the first version, suggesting use of (object[]obj).Length was no good, but use of Array works :)
Vitaly Tomilov 20-Dec-12 8:58am View    
Thank you. I can confirm that methods 1 and 2 work fine. Method 3 is not applicable, as I said I do not know the type, and do not care either. I wonder though, how the first two methods compare to the method I suggested with use of keyword dynamic... ;) I'm not sure what really happens underneath it :)
Vitaly Tomilov 20-Dec-12 8:47am View    
I said in the question that I already know it is an array.
Vitaly Tomilov 15-Nov-12 8:51am View    
Thank you. It seemed a little overhead though. I had only 8 service methods that needed to report the list of parameters and values in them. In the end I settled for simply enumerating using keyword params, and then processing them in a generic way.