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Comments by MaverickSm12 (Top 5 by date)

MaverickSm12 24-Oct-18 11:30am View    
is there no way to do the way I coded first ? !
a friend is also really asking this from me ....
MaverickSm12 19-Oct-18 5:33am View    
Casting is great so ...
but if you wanna edit the code what would you do?
Ill write something like this but if I use the code above how could it be fixed?
MaverickSm12 19-Oct-18 3:59am View    
I'm so sorry .. I got it ....I just don't know.. kinda in a hurry ...
look I want to write a program that takes some inputs from user that the input types are decimal numbers . Then program will out a number that is not decimal & actually deletes the fractional part of the number that user enters .
& shows on the Conole output the integer type of that number ...
example :
I enter 12.345
the output is 12
just this ...
sorry again for some meaningless sentences
MaverickSm12 19-Oct-18 3:30am View    
Hi thanks I actually didn't say my purpose ...
I just wanna catch some nums that are float or double & the program turns the as an integer just this ... I think something is not necessary here.. my purpose is this ..
Thank u
MaverickSm12 19-Oct-18 3:27am View    
Yeah its running I just don't want it to return z value I don know how to say it ...Ill tell the purpose...