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Member 14079444 13-Jan-21 5:04am View    
Yes, sorry I forgot to include it before. The error is thrown by the above mentioned line in the jquery file mentioned in the script tag
Member 14079444 13-Jan-21 1:57am View    
I am working on Visual Studio Code editor, and I've searched in the internet, but I've found no solution regarding this editor (it's either Lavarel or Eclipse, etc). As far as I know, I need to change something in the web config file, but where is it?
Member 14079444 13-Jan-21 1:43am View    
I've tried using 'GET', it shows this error then, ERR_CONNECTION_RESET. Plus, I don't want to use GET, as my script has some sensitive information.

I've also tried with $_REQUEST, $_COOKIE. They also show the same error. Nothing works
Member 14079444 13-Jan-21 1:32am View    
Can you tell the solution to this problem w.r.t. the text editor Visual Studio code? I mean do I have to change any configuration file. I couldn't understand any of the contents given above.