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Comments by ugurarslanm (Top 5 by date)

ugurarslanm 13-Aug-21 13:57pm View    
Yes but I have different Databases.
DB_a is a Test for rabbitMQ. Final Database is DB_A.
How can I copy from one to another context. ?
ugurarslanm 13-Aug-21 10:35am View    
i have to try work with 2 dbContext. How can I do this ?
ugurarslanm 13-Aug-21 10:34am View    
i have two DbContext and i use RabbitMQ. I Post the Data into DB_A Table and the RabbitMQ processed that as a Message. And this Message must Save to the DB_B. The Tables from A and B is the same.
ugurarslanm 13-Aug-21 9:49am View    
i mean "save"
ugurarslanm 19-May-20 13:25pm View    
Thx and What is the Solution ?
I want to add multiple groups.

For example :
In my project, when I have selected the Checkbox, the user must be created with multiple groups

string group1
string group2
string group3