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Comments by hbtalha (Top 10 by date)

hbtalha 4-May-20 10:16am View    
I have created the class and used the Singleton Pattern.
hbtalha 3-May-20 10:58am View    
I know it is a choice of mine to make.
What I am asking is about a design in general.
When does one should group some functions in a class?
hbtalha 3-May-20 10:37am View    
I know most of the times when to create classes. But in this scenario I am not sure if I should.

Should I create a class that is going to have only one object?
hbtalha 3-May-20 9:55am View    
Could you provide examples with code to elaborate on the tips you gave me?
hbtalha 3-May-20 9:47am View    
I already know the basic about classes and its usage, however the website is very good and will prove to be useful in the future, thanks.

What I need is a guide to when to create them, like, is it worth create a class group some functions knowing that I will only have one instance of that in the entire program?