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Comments by RuthWa (Top 13 by date)

RuthWa 7-Mar-24 5:35am View    
Okay. Thank you for the clarification an for the answer.
RuthWa 7-Mar-24 2:24am View    
I understand the "services.RegisterSingleton<IDog, Dog>();" line. But on the other side it is not clear for me what the line "services.RegisterSingleton<Dog>();" is supposed to do. Why can't we just use Dog class without registering it?
RuthWa 6-Mar-24 14:47pm View    
I know that files must be structured according to content logic. I'm talking about the case where further grouping is not possible. And even in that case, I still feel bad when I see different or even chaotic order of files.

But anyway, thanks for the answer. I appreciate it.
RuthWa 6-Mar-24 14:37pm View    
I thought it is necessary to use interfaces for "Tight Coupling between classes" avoiding. Especially since I encountered many articles which state how decoupling is vital.

At least, I can see now the approach "ICat -> Cat; IDog -> Dog" is disputed. As an inexperienced beginner before, I asked myself, why do I really need the Interfaces here. Now I came to the same point.
RuthWa 12-Feb-24 18:50pm View    
Perhaps I nitpicked to those rules a little bit and overrated their importance as extremely vital. Thanks. I'll reconsider my approach to using rules.