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Comments by Mark F. (Top 8 by date)

Mark F. 24-Aug-21 10:00am View    
I populated the list (children) in the controller class with test data. Each new child object was initialized and added to the Category.Children list. The compiler threw an exception. After some debugger stepping I found that the list was not initialized and was null.

I posted my fix but it shows as being moderated. Here is what I did:

public Category() {
ObservableList<topic> oList = FXCollections.observableArrayList( children );
this.children = new SimpleListProperty<topic>( oList );

Thanks for the help!
Mark F. 24-Aug-21 9:51am View    
I read about Beans and I quote: "A no-arg constructor should be
there in a bean.".

Mark F. 6-Aug-21 10:35am View    
Mark F. 6-Aug-21 10:35am View    
Thanks for the help!
Mark F. 5-Aug-21 12:42pm View    
The application allows a user to create a file and name it anything they wish.

What happens if the user tries to open an SQlite database from disk that does not contain the created tables?