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Comments by reverser69 (Top 9 by date)

reverser69 28-Nov-22 10:57am View    
i got the latest source and tried to compile it.
i am getting an error: VC/bin cannot be found; the problem is VS2022 doesn't have that folder!!
reverser69 27-Nov-22 11:01am View    
yes exactly. I want to see how some parts of JNI works.
reverser69 21-Oct-22 12:51pm View    
im afraid i cant find what i want.'but via searching, i found a command that DOES fullfil batch opertaion but mixes all files:
%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java -jar c:\procyon\procyon-decompiler-0.5.30.jar -o . *.jar

i want to output every jar to a folder named after that jar files name.
any tips on how to modify the above command?
reverser69 11-Oct-22 12:20pm View    
could you please provide some more keywords?
googling MMU is not yielding any related information.
reverser69 7-Sep-22 1:12am View    
so, i added older repositories to my source.list and i could install "9.1-0ubuntu1" version of GDB. now i don't have any problems. i don't know whether this problem is from my side or its bug and i should report it.