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idk_Idk 28-Apr-20 14:17pm View    
My issue got fixed by changing my images. They were of very bad quality so it could not detect any face in them, hence, the error.
idk_Idk 28-Apr-20 14:16pm View    
Thank you so much! This was the error. I changed my images and the error went away.
idk_Idk 28-Apr-20 14:15pm View    
Thank you, yes this way helps a lot. I realised the issue was not in my code but in my images instead. I changed my images and the error went away. Thank you for your help!
idk_Idk 16-Apr-20 12:03pm View    
Thank you Richard and Richard!
Yes, the error refers to line 51. And the error also refers to line 28 since the loadLabledImages() function is being called on 28. I underlined the other lines as descriptor is mentioned in all those lines.
I realise that it is because there is no value in descriptor. I read a lot about the undefined error to figure it out. But I can't understand why it is null. It works fine when its only one person. But as soon as another person gets added, it becomes undefined. I am so sorry for the confusion, I am just very desperately searching for a solution. Thank you for your help!
idk_Idk 16-Apr-20 9:49am View    
I am so sorrryyy! New here but I respect and acknowledge that I should not have said its urgent. I have removed that part. I did not know how to highlight the line number so I underlined the lines where "descriptor"- which is the issue appears. Thank you!