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Comments by TimWallace (Top 14 by date)

TimWallace 21-Jun-23 6:45am View    
Kumar, you are not getting any answers because you have not clearly stated your problem. Please rethink how to word your question. Also, you may want to be more forthcoming about what your application is supposed to do. There are a lot of smart people on this dight, but they can only help if they have a clear description of all the facts.
TimWallace 5-Aug-21 6:26am View    
Thanks Lloyd, but I was hoping for a way to create a "pure" model - properties only - using Entity Framework Core Code first
TimWallace 10-Dec-20 19:59pm View    
Aw, man, I totally missed that! Thanks for the update.
TimWallace 12-Apr-17 11:08am View    
I am familiar with SSO implementations. Since this lives on the same web server and is using the same StateServer, I thought it would be possible to share the authentication cookie without implementing an "full" SSO solution.
TimWallace 24-Feb-17 12:23pm View    
That was the issue. I marked my action appropriately and the issue went away. Thanks for the input!