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You write // This fails
Do you get an error message?

I think during Initialize or Load the TB gets the focus - but when the next control is initialized / loaded the focus may change. 16hrs ago View    
This seems to become a complex [AI?] project - not sure if someone here can help you.

I would try to find a helpful sample project for shape detection her: 24-Nov-23 5:04am View    
I would debug what the return value / string of

return logText.Contains(LogType.Error.ToString()) || logText.Contains(LogType.Warning.ToString()) || logText.Contains(Exception);

really is.
Perhaps it is a string of type and not a string of your expected value? 9-Jul-23 18:43pm View    
You could look at this article

You can save images like in a database and select the one you need. 30-Jun-23 11:05am View    
Is this WinForms or WPF or whatelse?

Do you have a richTextBox and a textBox
2x richTextBox ?