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Member 15061773 18-Jan-23 13:00pm View    
Suppose, my list contain 5 strings. And that list is bind as Combobox item source. Now tell me how I save that in settings file at run time. Please help.
Member 15061773 18-Jan-23 12:22pm View    
Very brilliant answer. I wish you can give me any code example. Just see the last part of my question where I already told about the Combobox item source.

Somehow we need to relate this with settings file.
Member 15061773 18-Jan-23 12:02pm View    
But, unfortunately that's not working when Combobox content are dynamic that's why I asking this question in this forum. If you know then please tell me.
Member 15061773 18-Jan-23 11:38am View    
Thank you very much for understanding my problem. Actually, my combo box content are showing available audio devices. May be sometime different type of devices are available that's why combo contains totally different items next time you run. And if there no item changes happen then the previously selected option should be shown in the combo box when I restart my application.

If any item changes happen then the combo box should go to the "System default".
But still, I want to save from a Dynamic content can you please tell me? how can I do that?
Member 15061773 1-Jan-23 8:30am View    
I use the Code behind method to add Content in combobox in this way.. this.cmb1.ItemsSource = lcv; Just see the first part of my question, where I give the List<> code.