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Comments by NotTodayYo (Top 17 by date)

NotTodayYo 12-Mar-21 16:19pm View    
If you are sure the credentials are correct then you're probably missing a header. You'll have to check with whoever owns the webservice.
NotTodayYo 12-Mar-21 16:12pm View    
You are reposting. Please do not do that.

You still have not told us what you mean by converting symbols to numbers. What the heck does that mean?
NotTodayYo 12-Mar-21 16:11pm View    
I have never used that window, I don't think, so can you just do it manually instead?
NotTodayYo 12-Mar-21 13:34pm View    
Nobody here knows how to convert symbols to numbers either because we have no idea what that means. What symbols? And how does one know what number a certain symbol represents?

If dog is a symbol, what number should that be?

In other words, we have no idea what you are talking about so we can't help at all.
NotTodayYo 12-Mar-21 13:10pm View    
What is the problem?