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Emil12345687 20-Apr-22 6:16am View    
Thank you, Richard! Okay, that sounds plausible. Could it be possible to intergrate the windows service project in my solution, or do i probably need a separately project/solution ?
The windows service should do a part of the windows application, so integrating would make possible that i could use the existing code parts/methods... But maybe it's basically better to separate the app completely from the windows service? Sorry, i have no experience creating a windows service...
Emil12345687 5-Jan-22 4:02am View    
Sorry, didn't realize in that moment that only i as developer have to install it, not the users...
I tried to install, but Microsoft Store is blocked by our IT Policy...
Does this app also help to handle the events? The only problem i still have is that i cannot determine which button the user pressed
Emil12345687 4-Dec-21 6:19am View    
Hi Gerry,
thank you! That would be an interesting solution if i would use it for me only.
But the project is for my company, and we cannot assume that thousands of users have to install this app first.
Best regards
Emil12345687 6-Jul-21 11:29am View    
Sorry, after i posted it the first time, i didn't find my question anymore, even using my profile....So i posted it again, because i thought, i made something wrong ;-) Next time i will use only the "quick answers" section. Sorry...