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shanmugarajaa 6-May-13 4:59am View    
Can you provide me sample application or reference to create serializtion tree.
shanmugarajaa 2-May-13 5:50am View    
Friends, I'm working for product based which is developed using VC++ 6. Actually it was an old design. They have been using big structure which contain more than 100 members variables. Those variable monitor continuously. User have option to give variable name by string and corresponding value are display. Right now they are using "offset" concept for all structure members. using this adress the values are fetched and displayed. Now the problem is whenever the stucture got modified then we need to calculate offset for a modified structure. It is so difficult for me to calculate offset for more than 100 variables. I have an taken steps to finding so other way to retrieve value using Variable name by string. But I cant change the design(Structure).
shanmugarajaa 30-Apr-13 8:41am View    
See If some one posting the question or doubts and If I know the concept to fix the problem. then I wont bother about propose, why, and etc... My only aim is to help him to fix the problem.. If you know the concept plz help me.
shanmugarajaa 30-Apr-13 7:49am View    
See, I want to map Variable Name string to Actual variable this my actual requirement.
shanmugarajaa 30-Apr-13 7:26am View    
for Example:

int GetValue( CString VariableName );
"Stud->rollnumber" variable Name passed as string to above function and function should return the value of Stud->rollnumber.