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MekaC 4-Apr-23 8:51am View    
I looked up tutorials. Alot were in regards to using sites such as PHPBB, Vanilla, or code that was outdated. Will check out the link you sent me.

In my last post I corrected myself and stated where I had issues but as I thought no one can help me and that's fine.
MekaC 1-Apr-23 22:01pm View    
First off did I state in any of my post that I wanted to have you or anybody else do the work for me? I posted here because I assumed this was a forum that I can get help in. I searched to find clarification on what my issue is and no help whatsoever.

Also if I have a problem with a specific script wouldn't it be smart to ask the creator of the script for help since they are the ones who created it?

If you couldn't help me with my issue then it would've been best to either say you couldn't or just kept silent. The so called "do it for me because I can't be bothered" attitude towards this you assume I have is a lie. The site I'm working on I'm doing it myself. I'm still working on my developer skills but have improved in lots of ways.

Once again just admit you cant come up with a solution or just keep quiet...that would be greatly appreciated. Have a Blessed Day
MekaC 1-Mar-23 9:07am View    
Thank ya so very much Sir this is exactly what I was looking for :)
MekaC 23-Jan-23 21:19pm View    
Thank ya :)
MekaC 22-Jan-23 20:20pm View    
Sorry for late repsonse...the Datasource is the DB connection. That part is fine!