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Wonde Tadesse 14-Mar-16 22:32pm View    
The error is not related to toDictonary method. That is perfect. The issue is that there is a cast error around (int)B.STRIKE, SKEW_A = (decimal)S.SKEW_A. Make sure these two variables (B.STRIKE and S.SKEW_A) are cast-able to int and decimal respectively.
Wonde Tadesse 9-Mar-16 21:06pm View    
Just curious. Why don't you use data picker like
Wonde Tadesse 7-Mar-16 22:52pm View    
That is the approach you need to look at it. It's all there in the article.
Wonde Tadesse 3-Mar-16 20:31pm View    
Why you want to use MTOM. Using basic http binding sufficient for this case.
Wonde Tadesse 19-Feb-16 11:57am View    
Not clear.Is it EF, ADO.NET, NHibernate, LLBLGen, ... ?