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to add a new line , you have :
html : 1 , or 2 br tag
JS/Jquery : "/n" as string part.
Member 15627495 19-Sep-23 14:02pm View    
you have to add ( by a checkbox ) the resource for access...
you will find that in "project > componants" ( or equal )
Member 15627495 16-Sep-23 9:59am View    
why are you replacing the 'relation link' in db , with 'literals' ( string Type ).

remenber "primary -> foreign keys".
It's an error about your DB design.
Member 15627495 11-Sep-23 1:23am View    
look at Xdocument Class. load() and save() function will make reading and writing through Xml.
Member 15627495 8-Sep-23 1:32am View    
Hello !

as simple as possible, you can act on 'folder image' size, and the 'font-size'.

as a quick sum up for all 'responsive' :
- the media queries are 'triggers' dedicated to load 'css parameters'.
those triggers fire when criterias are 'active' ( it could be a type of device, it could be a size : width or height ).

to write fast responsive css :
- read again your code and note all css parameters which will change when another display is coming.
- define your media queries
- in the media query scope, add all 'changing css parameters' [ it's basically 'static' or 'dynamic' // constants or non-constants ]
- set all those values for the becoming display as you want.
- well done ! ;)