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Dylan Morley 3-Jun-13 10:08am View    
With libraries such as Node JS and Signal R, not sure if I agree with that Christian. I guess you can say we can't do it consistently across all browsers yet (Signal R will have to fallback to polling if sockets not supported, nice article from Hanselman here
Dylan Morley 16-Apr-13 4:32am View    
Yes, it's open source
Dylan Morley 4-Jan-13 7:25am View    
Put it in your Page_Load event in default.aspx
Dylan Morley 11-Dec-12 6:34am View    
Why answer a year old question that already has an accepted solution? Also, your answer is wrong....see the accepted solution!!
Dylan Morley 19-Nov-12 7:27am View    
Thanks - not sure how I managed that!