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behruz12 7-Jul-22 8:25am View    
behruz12 5-Jul-22 14:24pm View    
What does this mean: apri file read only & if file is read only then third component should be ReadOnly:= True and not False (please give your solution).
behruz12 5-Jul-22 9:21am View     CRLF
In case for open a workbook as read only you can't make a change for workbook and need to save a copy of it. here: set source ="your path/your workbook name", ,Readonly:=True)
behruz12 5-Jul-22 3:20am View     CRLF
In Excel CSV file you can in one empty cell put =lower(true) and copy it then select all cells with true via Ctrl+F & Ctrl+A and paste as values in a simple way. Macro for formula and copy: Sub copy() 'empty cell d4 place =lower(true) [d4]="=Lower(true)" [d4].copy End sub