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Comments by montaigne gremo (Top 5 by date)

montaigne gremo 28-Oct-22 18:24pm View    
No, as I said I need it once in 3 years. Should I learn it? Would you learn it?
montaigne gremo 28-Oct-22 15:47pm View    
Okay let's redirect this forum to Expresso Regular Expression Tool's site. What about it? I know css because I need it very often but regex in 15 years I needed regex 5-6 times. What do you suggest, learn it or ask it?
montaigne gremo 28-Oct-22 15:24pm View    
And why everybody have to learn regex, if they'd neeed it once in a bluemoon?
montaigne gremo 28-Oct-22 12:41pm View    
I need regex rarely. Once in a year maybe. So could you help me about the question above.
montaigne gremo 28-Oct-22 8:41am View    
Expresso Regular Expression Tool is too complicated for me.