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Comments by Anthony Mushrow (Top 48 by date)

Anthony Mushrow 30-Mar-17 17:56pm View    
Have you tried testing your isPrime function locally before submitting? Or checking the output when you submit your program (again, if your school portal tells you what the output was).
If I run your code and pass in '0' and '10' to the program the output I get is:
Anthony Mushrow 1-Dec-14 14:35pm View    
I can't say for sure that this is what you're experiencing. But really, why does the file size matter that much to you? if you can view your saved image and it looks fine, then where is your issue?
Anthony Mushrow 22-Oct-14 12:38pm View    
There are two potential causes.
1. Your doing something wrong, but if you don't give us any sample code we can't help
2. You just don't have a very good signal, and the phone can't get a good lock on your position
Anthony Mushrow 29-Sep-14 18:56pm View    
If this is for a personal project then you should find something yourself, else you won't be motivated to do it. If you just want to learn then you should work through one of the many programming books which will come with examples and have you building some simple application.

I'd also like to add that C# is not necessarily better than C++ for a GUI application, it depends heavily on the toolkits & libraries that you use with it. C++ has a plethora of widget toolkits and the like. Similarly you can also use other GUI libraries in C#, you're not limited to WPF or the older Windows Forms.
Anthony Mushrow 27-Sep-14 12:17pm View    
Are you sure the permissions are set for the correct user? I'm not sure which user the server would be running as, but it's something you should check.