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ReticDragon 23-May-24 9:39am View    
Alright, I figured I'd try. I'm in a few machining forums, but no answer there either. Think I might just reinstall everything and start from scratch saving my .src and .lib files. Solidworks has a ton of really cool features and add-ons but dang it crashes and has issues like this a lot. I've lost a lot of work a few times just because it will randomly close or lock up.
I appreciate your time and patience, as well as your responses instead of leaving me hanging.
ReticDragon 22-May-24 22:10pm View    
It was honestly the first place I went. Really hard to find answers about this
ReticDragon 22-May-24 16:04pm View    
I apologize for the confusion. I use SolidWorks and CAMWorks to create models followed by .nc programs for lathes. I have been modifying my post processor .src and .lib files to alter the 'template" of how my program will utilize approach and retracts of the machine. As well as adding machine features such as the programmable tailstock and live tooling. I was almost finished with it, the last step I wanted to take was to add in some code for a Tool List generator and number the operation sequences instead of the tools.
After updating my windows yesterday, the .src compiler isn't creating the .ctl and .lng files for my post processors to read. Then it's also giving me multiple communication errors. This has put me behind about 4 hours today.
The software has instructions on making a .bat file to compile my posts. Attempting to fill in the blanks at the moment.
CD "C:\CAMWorksData\UPG-2"
compile.exe "C:\Post\fanuc.src" "fanuc.src" "C:\Post\master.atr" "C:\post\ctl" "S" "C:\CAMWorksData\UPG-2" "" ""