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BobJanova 12-Jun-14 8:34am View    
Isn't it just the commented out part at the bottom?
BobJanova 3-Jun-14 14:16pm View    
Cool. I'll post it as an answer then since otherwise the question still looks unanswered.

Ed: check out some articles about WPF data binding, though. You'll really want to learn that stuff if you're staying in WPF.
BobJanova 3-Jun-14 6:15am View    
Can you just cast it?

ValueBoxControl control = (ValueBoxControl)List.SelectedItem;

Really though you should be data binding both controls to the same view model layer, so when you change selected item on the list view it causes the other control to update through the data source and not through this kind of UI spaghetti.
BobJanova 27-May-14 12:11pm View    
Please for the love of sanity and your future/present employers learn about data security before trying to write database code!
BobJanova 23-May-14 8:57am View    
I disagree, I'd always separate domain model classes (User in this example) and database interaction code. Model classes should be creatable and usable anywhere (e.g. unit tests) without needing to know anything about their data source.