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Comments by Rutvik Dave (Top 12 by date)

Rutvik Dave 12-Jun-13 9:45am View    
Basically a 'Master Page' itself is a Webform. Even the user control file with .ascx extention is a Webform. It just changes the order in which they get rendered as HTML.
so Yes, a Webform can reside inside another Webform.

Webform is a 'technology' and not a file with .aspx extension.
Rutvik Dave 2-Oct-12 11:42am View    
I think the problem is with the 'if' condition, javascript is unable to find the element 'taskmanager'. try searching for the element using id/name, are you using master pages? because then you will have to so nested search, first search for the contentplaceholder and then search for the element inside it.
Rutvik Dave 2-Oct-12 11:34am View    
You should learn to search on google first (very imp skill to have for a technical person), because you are wasting time waiting for someone to answer the question, which has been asked so many times already. try the following link.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=1e4e8e477cbfad52&biw=1440&bih=730

Good luck
Rutvik Dave 20-Aug-12 9:07am View    
MVC uses routes so traditional url will not work, support you have a Controller and an Action, then you have to put http://localhost:port/Controller/Action, but if you just press F5 it will go to http://localhost:port/Views/Controller/ViewName, which is wrong. so once it says page cant be found, correct the url. you can change this in Project Properties also.
Rutvik Dave 20-Jul-11 16:17pm View    
You need a server to plug these cards (

and then you need ip/sip enabled phones.

for the software part you can still use open source pbx software (