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Comments by The ANZAC (Top 3 by date)

The ANZAC 10-Nov-10 2:43am View    
Yes I meant System.IO

The error is because there are no checked items in your list.

For the button click, do this:
<pre> If CheckedListBox1.checkedindices.count >
0 then
end if </pre>

Also in the DeleteSelectedIndices() sub i have created above, I think it should say CheckedListBox1.CheckedIndices
The ANZAC 9-Nov-10 23:15pm View    
You should be able to copy all this into your class. Then as I have instructed, change all instances of ChekedListBox1 to whatever your listbox is called. Then add a button onto your form that is delete selected and in that add:

The ANZAC 8-Nov-10 23:29pm View    
Well how are you finding the files?