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Comments by Tony Hill (Top 60 by date)

Tony Hill 20-Sep-22 7:57am View    
If you have an already populated object graph then just serialize the root object, I fail understand why you are messing about with all the Serialize/Deserialize calls and the string replace calls.
Tony Hill 27-Aug-22 9:05am View    
It would be nice if you accepted either Graeme_Grant's or my answers as the solution so that other users know that it is the solution.
Tony Hill 27-Aug-22 7:02am View    
You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. :)
Tony Hill 27-Aug-22 6:25am View    
Damn, beat me to it.
Tony Hill 23-Jun-22 4:31am View    
You did not mention that in the original question.