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David O'Neil 8-Sep-22 4:43am View    
David O'Neil 8-Sep-22 4:43am View    
Thank you.
David O'Neil 8-Sep-22 4:13am View    
The 'allFiveLetterWords' contains 22,950 items at the end of the Form1_Load event. Thereby the swearing and cursing. I don't understand why it would empty itself out.
David O'Neil 21-Jan-22 16:17pm View    
Another thing to consider, is that Visual Studio seems to be real flakey with this approach. The Package Server keeps locking 'A.ifc' and 'B.ifc' files, so I have to try multiple approaches to delete them, in order to recompile when things change. Last method that worked after others wouldn't is to close VS, wait a few secs for all processes to close in Task Manager, then delete them in File Explorer, then reopen Visual Studio and rebuild. Grrrr.... Frustrating to say the least. It doesn't seem like modules are quite there yet. (I installed VS 2022 to try it - same problems there.)
David O'Neil 21-Jan-22 4:04am View    
I understand where you are coming from, but I am trying to wrap my head around modules, which are fairly new in C++: My initial code example is compilable, and I know how to split that up into .cpp/h files without any problems. It is only when I try to replicate it with modules that the problems come up.