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Comments by G Haranadh (Top 6 by date)

G Haranadh 30-Nov-11 23:40pm View    
yes. thanks alot. i did the same. :)
G Haranadh 30-Nov-11 7:17am View    
hmm... thanks, i included in stdafx.cpp first line. anyway stdafx.h is included in every file.. :)
G Haranadh 30-Nov-11 7:15am View    
thanks for quick reply. My intention is to resolve this issue in project level and i want other warnings should come in same way..
the solution i used is, i moved the "pragma disable warning" to first line of stdafx.cpp; means before including stdafx.h i added this warning disable statement.
and compiled that warning not came again; for project level. thanks for your response too. thanks.
G Haranadh 18-Nov-11 5:33am View    
Hi, visual studio is already running as administrator. thanks for your message
G Haranadh 17-Nov-11 4:01am View    
did u got the solution? pls let me know.