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Rick York 21hrs ago View    
I recommend that you figure out how to read data from files. I would make three files : Library.txt, Patrons.txt, and Transactions.txt and each of those would have a list of entries for you to inject into your program. This will make your testing iterations much more flexible and thorough.
Rick York 4 days ago View    
I assume you are asking about this : net.mNeurons.back()->unaryExpr(ptr_fun(unary))
You have not provide nearly enough information for us to guess. The biggest questions are what is NeuralNetwork and what are the prototypes of unaryExpr and ptr_fun?
How do you expect us to know?
Rick York 25-Nov-23 1:11am View    
I work on a fairly big application that uses a mix of doubles and floats. The reason for this is a large part of the code is written to work on both CPUs and GPUs (using CUDA) and floats are considerably faster than doubles on the GPU. I use doubles most of the time elsewhere and always in my home projects, as seen in my profile. They are all graphics-oriented and I would see lots of artifacts when I use floats.
Rick York 24-Nov-23 14:22pm View    
If all of your code was present we could build ourselves and see what's going on. As it is, we can only guess.
Rick York 24-Nov-23 11:33am View    
The code you posted is not complete. It lacks the functions hozzafuz and osszkerdes and the type Adatok is not included either. It also lacks beolvas_fajlbol.