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Comments by Dan Neely (Top 18 by date)

Dan Neely 19-Sep-22 9:53am View    
Create an sql injection vulnerability?
Dan Neely 21-Jul-11 15:16pm View    
ummm, what? This makes no sense.
Dan Neely 12-Jul-11 8:42am View    
That's not a suitable option. At the high end a scroll bar is needed to give enough space to allow the columns to be big enough to show the numbers. At the low end having 6 2" wide columns that are 90% empty and of which only 3 are visible isn't acceptable either.
Dan Neely 11-Jul-11 17:01pm View    
They are fixed width.
Dan Neely 1-Jun-11 8:39am View    
Have you ever heard the 1812 overture? The big brothers of all those companies products have a staring role.