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Comments by Dan Neely (Top 17 by date)

Dan Neely 21-Jul-11 15:16pm View
ummm, what? This makes no sense.
Dan Neely 12-Jul-11 8:42am View
That's not a suitable option. At the high end a scroll bar is needed to give enough space to allow the columns to be big enough to show the numbers. At the low end having 6 2" wide columns that are 90% empty and of which only 3 are visible isn't acceptable either.
Dan Neely 11-Jul-11 17:01pm View
They are fixed width.
Dan Neely 1-Jun-11 8:39am View
Have you ever heard the 1812 overture? The big brothers of all those companies products have a staring role.
Dan Neely 9-Mar-11 15:06pm View
Same here. I found it via intellisense while looking for IsSplitterFixed, figuring I'd just un/lock the splitter via the mouse events.
Dan Neely 9-Mar-11 14:52pm View
Apparently we're both blind. The FixedPanel property does exactly what I want. :doh:
Dan Neely 9-Mar-11 14:44pm View
I've ran into one problem with this. On the left side I have a tab control with datagridview's on each tab. If I resize the form the splitter is on to be smaller the datagridview on the displayed tab doesn't paint the area that was hidden before the Layout event increased the splitter distance again. This is happening both when the control is docked (fill) or anchored (4 sides) in the tab page.

It's also sub-optimal in that what I'm seeing is the form initially painting with the splitter bar moved and then repainting itself when the bar is restored to its old position.
Dan Neely 9-Mar-11 13:29pm View
And here I was thinking I was blind for not being able to find a property that had to be there...
Dan Neely 23-Nov-10 15:07pm View
Adding to this, if your resume is truthful about your having only basic knowledge of net (which is not unreasonable for an entry level slot), then any technical questions should be limited in scope and aimed at making sure you're not adding languages to your resume that you've never touched before.
Dan Neely 7-Nov-10 17:00pm View
Thanks Pete; at this point I'm going to have to step back and rethink a bit. Going more deeply into it seems like it might be more effort than I want to take at this point. Wetting my feet with WPF is a fairly low priority on what I'm working on, and I'm limited in how quickly I need to get it done, and I already know how to do at least 90% of the GUI in winforms.
Dan Neely 7-Nov-10 15:14pm View
A second question, is that setup locking me into a single file as the datasource? I hard coded one in for my initial testing but will need to be able to support switching between several once I'm finished.
Dan Neely 7-Nov-10 15:13pm View
When I put the xml there, the compiler pukes on me; it appears that d:IsDataSource="True" is only supported by Expression Blend which I don't have, and which is completely outside my budget for a personal project. I tried removing the offending attribute, at which point the compiler was happy and I could specify the binding source; but the generate/remove/edit property bound columns items in the visual studio properties panel all still error out with "you must set ItemSource before you can perform this action."
Dan Neely 7-Nov-10 14:55pm View
Is the 1st code snippet supposed to go into the .xaml file? If so, where do I need to place it so that it compiles?
Dan Neely 30-Sep-10 10:46am View
Dan Neely 18-Aug-10 11:01am View
If the path's valid perhaps the remote site is refusing to serve any data to searcharoo because it identifies as a bot.
Dan Neely 1-Jul-10 15:49pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
You're an idiot.
Dan Neely 1-Jul-10 15:48pm View
While 3GB is the most common result with a 32bit OS the exact amount depends on your hardware and drivers. If they're miserly in the amount of ram they reserve and only go for really high addresses you can get more than 3GB usable. If you have a gfx card (or worse two) with large amounts of ram you'll have less than 3GB free since every byte on the card needs mappped to a byte in the OSes 4GB address space.