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jan larsen 13-Jan-21 8:44am View    
Hi, thank you for the links. I really like the link about Navigate attributes, i didn't know about them.
While they are not, at a glance, enough for my needs, they would maybe be a solution for something else I had in mind.
Yes, I did find a solution, but it is not built as a simple general solution.
I promise that I will post it as an article if I get the time to polish it.
I do have a slight suspicion that I have overengineered the thing a bit though. Because the sequence is basically like this:
For every field with a label attribute:
1. Add join
2. Add select block
3. Rebind fields in the select block

After all this, the our framework allows developers to adding other joins, and as we do not know if they have selected the same fields in the same order, which would be weird if they did, because why else make a join?, we have to ensure that all select blocks returning the same type, are having the same fields in the same order.

By the way, I read the post about navigation properties, and I was about to check out the Association one, but MS has marked it obsolete.