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pasztorpisti 5-Nov-14 4:55am View    
A solid solution should work on the level of the Virtual File System and not on the level of a concrete file system implementation (FAT, NTFS).
pasztorpisti 28-Oct-14 9:59am View    
Why do you want a degree in something you wouldn't like to spend your time with? It's time to start thinking about how to waste valuable time from your life. I know that you probably have no clue. In that case as a good starting point I would recommend you taking a Myers–Briggs Type Indicator test. By using google and the results of the test you can find out your strengths and weaknesses and the kind of jobs that suit your personality. This can help you to generally improve yourself and don't be afraid to make though decisions if that can be a positive life changer. If you don't want to solve this tiny programming problem then programming or a related field is not for you.
pasztorpisti 14-Oct-14 11:26am View    
In a well designed multithreaded system you almost never need the direct usage of an event object, same is true for most low level synchronization primitives. Are you here to learn about the usage of synchronization primitives or to solve your particular gui related problem? (Because synchronization of the gui and background threads is done differently.)
pasztorpisti 20-Jul-14 21:41pm View    
I guess you are stuck with the theoretical part of this problem (in worst case with both the theoritical and/or practical - programming - part). In either case it seems that you have to do some more research on your own, this question is not a good candidate for a "quick answer".
pasztorpisti 20-Jul-14 21:35pm View    
I've started programming from the low level end and C/C++ has been my favorite language for a long time until realizing its flaws and realizing that it isn't always the most useful and/or most "domain specific" language when it comes to solving some problems. Currently I have no favorite language and I'm afraid I wont have one again.