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Nitheesh George 10-Jun-18 14:45pm View    
I am working on a hobby project to display TIFF images. And I am facing a problem with multi strips images. I am able to read the strip data using the StripOffsets and StripByteCounts. But when the image is rendered some images works correct and some are not. So I also doubt the same as you mentioned in your solution.

"TIFFs have no requirement that the data be stored in any order resembling the actual image".

So my question is how to get Strip data in correct order.

Thanks & Regards,
Nitheesh George 30-Mar-11 0:51am View    
Hi vandanaraob,

You can add a modeless dialog in any kind of application, whether it be a MDI/SDI/Dialog. The only difference is that a model dialog won't let you to interact with other windows in application when is open. You need to dismiss it to interact with other windows in your app. While a modeless dialog lets you to interact with the other windows without dismissing it, like a normal window.
Nitheesh George 29-Mar-11 9:06am View    
You are absolutely right Oliver