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Comments by TheCodeVB (Top 12 by date)

TheCodeVB 11-Aug-11 15:50pm View    
You're reading Values from de Cell but I need to read a Value from SqlDataSource. This value is not shown in DataView.
TheCodeVB 11-Aug-11 15:48pm View    
Is DataView in WebForm c#
TheCodeVB 10-Jun-11 14:08pm View    
With this parameter Works.
TheCodeVB 4-May-11 11:44am View    
I really need to uncompress a file that was compressed with zlib1.dll
TheCodeVB 15-Apr-11 10:52am View    
I need get some resources images and the file where are the resources is encrypted so I want to copy when the system is running a the images a desencrypted.