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Russell' 15-Oct-14 12:29pm View    
The application is a simple, multithread (see C++ CreateThread), Console Win32, numerical-only software.... so there is any optimization for some grid computing. And it can not modified.
The question is different: is Windows Server giving the application the sum of the possible thread available in a network of 2 or more computers, or are them simply 2-3 separate computers on a network?
Russell' 28-Sep-11 9:40am View    
I love you!
Russell' 21-Apr-11 13:37pm View    
HiSorry, I am not so expert on this kind of stuff.

I will try to explain better but googling it looks that many have the same problem.

The setup project takes the output of my application project.
It Stores into the "application folder" also another exe (not mine).
Then I am simply using a custum action in my setup project to run the other exe.
That exe is the setup of some needed drivers that needs to be installed before that my application runs.

What happens is that the setup fails when run. If UAC is disable the setup succeses.

What do you mean with "that installer should prompt trigger the UAC again"? Cna you please explain better? How to do that?
Russell' 1-Apr-11 3:56am View    
Thank you
Finally I found a way to export all the memory-cleaning into the distructor of the class I created to contain the thread. So the memory leaks is solved.
It remains a mistery how to detect the right moment to close myself the thread because I found that it can be 'terminated' at any time when the main window of the application is closed.
I think the only way can be now to receive a special call from the exe when it is receiving WM_CLOSE or something like that.
But in my case I don't like this because I want that the thread remains an hidden 'concept' into the dll so I don't like this needing. So I have adapted the code of the thread trying to avoid big problems ... but some little problems with the file managing still remains (I'll solve in future).
Russell' 31-Mar-11 9:23am View    
HiIt is a simple worker thread (only file managing). It has to run always during the program run. Then I need to stop it correcly using a simple flag when the program stops.
I am trying to get some event from the CWinApp inside the dll (not the one in the exe, MFC application) to set that flag and wait that the thread exits itself, but it looks that everytime it is too late and the thread is already destroyed from somewhat before.