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cvogt61457 7-Sep-18 12:02pm View     CRLF
What are the correct answers according to the source of the quiz? Is this a class or self study?
cvogt61457 6-Mar-18 13:54pm View     CRLF
What value are you getting? Are you sure your values are all numeric? Do any values contain a decimal point? Are you getting an exception instead? Are you debugging the code and watching what is happening?
cvogt61457 23-Jan-18 15:36pm View     CRLF
We going to need to see some more of you code - pretty much all of it. I don't think there is a way to zip your solution and attach it though. Reduce the code for each form and the main display to the minimum that shows the problem and put that in the question.
cvogt61457 19-Dec-17 11:57am View    
Show all of the code including the button_click method.
cvogt61457 29-Nov-17 20:43pm View     CRLF
First, you need to determine the equations to use. Be able to solve the problem on paper with your equations. Then you write your program. It's not too early to learn how to use the debugger.