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Comments by Chandrakantt (Top 35 by date)

Chandrakantt 9-Mar-12 0:20am View    
So do you need Studentfile from the line "READ Studentfile AT END MOVE HIGH-VALUES To StudentDetails." or complete line "Studentfile AT END MOVE HIGH-VALUES To StudentDetails." after READ ?
Chandrakantt 7-Mar-12 1:19am View    
I am little confused, do you want to create jar files using netbeans or do you want to install jar files in netbeans. If possible can you lewt us know what type of jar files it is?
Chandrakantt 7-Mar-12 1:15am View    
The DLL is made in C ,CPP or using .Net?
Chandrakantt 7-Mar-12 0:39am View    
Search the whole Linux box, is libtool, autoconf, automake present in your box. If it is present then does your program able to get path of the required libraries.
Chandrakantt 6-Mar-12 13:07pm View    
Can you please clear the question, as it is not clear