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Mycroft Holmes 7-Sep-21 18:23pm View
And this is why the database design is wrong. Each type that you are likely to want to query/filter/search on should have it's own field. Truly custom fields (ie those you cannot identify) or user defined fields are the only ones you should be allowing in this format. Design your database structure correctly, don't try and take shortcuts they will cost you dearly in the future.
Mycroft Holmes 13-May-21 19:30pm View
Is it possible to detect the window that had the focus BEFORE he clicked the start button? Oh and then he needs to identify the selected object (textbox) in that window- nasty
Mycroft Holmes 8-Mar-19 17:13pm View
Thanks - the last hurdle to getting my POC ready except I need to secure the API now [chuckle]
Mycroft Holmes 28-Nov-18 3:45am View
You used to be able to embed and /or pass credentials into the report or use a specific userid for all reports, we call them functional IDs.
Mycroft Holmes 17-Sep-18 2:53am View
I have a question - why are you creating code in a language that is no longer supported?
Mycroft Holmes 10-Aug-18 2:27am View
And yet again I learn something - you have no idea how much crap I have gone through trapping nulls!
Mycroft Holmes 10-Aug-18 2:23am View
So does the question get bumped if someone posts another answer - I was going to chime in until I saw your comment.
Mycroft Holmes 23-Jul-18 2:16am View
Do some research into the availability of the Jet engine and find out if you have a 64bit machine.
Mycroft Holmes 7-Jun-18 3:28am View
And your batch of insert statements do not work in a timely manner! So I have proposed a solution that I know works as we use it regularly to insert many 100 of thousands of rows in a single call to the database.
Mycroft Holmes 6-Jun-18 4:19am View
Solution too complex, codez not explicit enough - what you expect him to THINK!!!
Mycroft Holmes 4-Jun-18 3:06am View
You are way too gentle with the lazy sod these days, a request like this used to be an open invitation to be burnt to the ground.
Mycroft Holmes 7-May-18 22:16pm View
Your joking right, that is a very simple database structure.
Mycroft Holmes 25-Mar-18 3:29am View
He was joking, this is support site, the volunteers here will help you with your coding problems they will not send you the code.
Mycroft Holmes 18-Mar-18 18:37pm View
You need something like
Mycroft Holmes 14-Mar-18 23:44pm View
Nick this is a straight up study question, a rather basic one at that. It will almost certainly be covered by you study material. Or you could search for working with arrays and study some of the results.
Mycroft Holmes 30-Oct-17 4:50am View
You need to identify the attribute that defines a driver as a fax driver. So select one of the drivers that you know is a printer and one that is a fax and inspect the differences. try and identify an attribute that seems generic.
Mycroft Holmes 21-Oct-16 19:14pm View
Your design is incorrect, your attachment table should only have information on one file per record. There should be 5 records for 5 attachments with the PK of 123
Mycroft Holmes 9-Oct-16 23:50pm View
EG00009519 is not an attribute name it is data. You need to look into your source and give the first value a name.
Mycroft Holmes 26-Sep-16 8:02am View
Mycroft Holmes 25-Sep-16 23:10pm View
I am pretty certain you cannot display a PDF within a report. The report viewer will know how to render an image converted from binary but will not be able to deal with a PDF.
Mycroft Holmes 6-Sep-16 18:40pm View
Erk same error as the OP, my only excuse, it was typed into the answer not copied from the IDE.
Mycroft Holmes 5-Sep-16 2:18am View
There is no "one" in your code!
Mycroft Holmes 18-Mar-16 3:43am View
This is wrong, a server application rarely has a UI. A server should store the images and the client is used for display
Mycroft Holmes 7-Mar-16 2:10am View
I suspect it will have something to do with utf-8 which does not support unicode characters or possibly the content encoding.
Mycroft Holmes 7-Mar-16 2:06am View
Well you are not going to get it. Try rentacoder or elance if you want something written.
Mycroft Holmes 25-Jan-16 7:59am View
Okay you have more problems that you think.
Split that proc into 3
Select - return 1 or all (if driverid = 0 then return all)
Update inserts or updates (if driverid = 0 insert) and returns the changed record
Delete returns the @@ROWCOUNT after delete or the changed record.

Your current proc cannot meet your business requirements.
Mycroft Holmes 19-Jan-16 3:45am View
It is still a dodgy design and you will still need to split the text into discreet values. I would suggest you supply a hyperlink instead of a checkox. If I had a choice I would change my data structure to have a child table (Interest) with an InterestType and a value.
Mycroft Holmes 19-Jan-16 3:09am View
He asks about compiler issues and you tell him it is expensive, lost the plot on that one!
Mycroft Holmes 19-Jan-16 3:06am View
You need to expand on the question, what defines that the record is "registered".

BTW you are wide open to SQL Injection - do a search on "little bobby tables".
Mycroft Holmes 7-Jan-16 2:39am View
I hope you just C&P that from an existing app hahah
Mycroft Holmes 21-Dec-15 1:26am View
Your posting your homework, try and do the work and ask specific questions showing that you have attempted to do the work yourself!
Mycroft Holmes 22-Jun-15 23:57pm View
You also need to make sure the stored procedure has the additional fields and deals with them appropriately.
Mycroft Holmes 22-Jun-15 22:44pm View
How are you communicating with the database?
Are you using a stored procedure to do the update/insert (CLR_SP seems to indicate this)? If so then check that the stored proc has the required variables for the new fields
Mycroft Holmes 19-May-15 5:04am View
Have you checked what the count of DtoList is when you start the loop.
Mycroft Holmes 14-May-15 2:36am View
Do you understand the first query, you want a result with 3 fields (4 if you need to do a join back onto the source table) which are the sum of the values you need to calculate.
Mycroft Holmes 14-May-15 2:21am View
There is not enough detail to help, are there 2 or 3 or 5 columns. You may want to look at ROW_NUMBER() to get a sequential row ID so you can locate the previous row to do any (obscure) calcs.
Mycroft Holmes 16-Jan-15 19:05pm View
But you already have all the bits, in your BLL method you call the static DAL method and it returns the string response from ExecuteScalar.
string sResponse = DALNamespace.GetNewCaseNumber(Date, CaseType);

Where DAL is the namespace for your static DAL class

I must be missing something, this is too simple to be the problem.
Mycroft Holmes 15-Jan-15 22:05pm View
Ok redesign the app may be a bit strong but you need to address the issue where you are creating the database object BEFORE the user has saved the case.

Assuming the case number is an identity field in SQL Server I used to return the @Scope_Identity() after the insert.

These days I return the entire object eg Select * from CaseView where ID = @Scope_Identity()

Because I use a view this gives me the associated fields for the UI (FK description fields etc).
Mycroft Holmes 15-Jan-15 20:37pm View
What happens if your user cancels the case creation process? You have a crappy record already created in the database.
Mycroft Holmes 16-Dec-14 0:42am View
Want to test the new spam filter.

Ok so the spam filter will let me make a comment but not post a reply.
Mycroft Holmes 19-Nov-14 3:51am View
Listen to Sinisa, do NOT ignore this advice it is essential to your continuing sanity!
Mycroft Holmes 15-Nov-14 3:30am View
Learn not to cross post, Q&A or a forum post NOT both!
Mycroft Holmes 31-Oct-14 2:57am View
Registry entries are only 1 of many things an installer does and most of them are specific to the installer doing the job, there is no such thing as a generic set of entries that are required for a generic installation.

I don't have a problem not bothering!
Mycroft Holmes 28-Oct-14 18:26pm View
Sorry I don't use prism and I don't know the capabilities of your control so my help is going to be limited. If I can find the examples I ran across - Telerik dynamic columns radgridview - keywords may help, I will post the link.
Mycroft Holmes 28-Oct-14 6:47am View
Ah, I use the Telerik control library and it has the SelectedItem property in xaml. You will probably need to use some form of clickevent (node,item,etc)
Mycroft Holmes 28-Oct-14 3:54am View
If you need guiding then you would be better served by searching for a tutorial rather than a Q&A.
Mycroft Holmes 19-Oct-14 5:19am View
It would be useful to know what the error is, if the query returns data or is it the binding to the listview?
Mycroft Holmes 19-Oct-14 5:14am View
Why do you need a cursor?
Mycroft Holmes 19-Oct-14 5:12am View
The OP may not think so but they look like excellent links!
Mycroft Holmes 16-Oct-14 18:43pm View
By the great Ghu do NOT use guids unless you have a specific need for a distributed system. Use ints or bigints as identity columns. Try remembering a guid when debugging!
Mycroft Holmes 16-Oct-14 4:49am View
I wrote this application in the early 90's using Excel as the database, I was selling the dammed rubbish at the time, it is the one I cut my database teeth on when I moved it to SuperBase. Bloody complex and it needs to be correct otherwise it will drive you nuts.
Mycroft Holmes 16-Oct-14 4:46am View
I would do it anyway, I think they generally just bitch at you, not down vote a valid question. There are a number of other guys who will input valuable opinions.
Mycroft Holmes 16-Oct-14 4:00am View
Rubbish - EF is not FAST it carries too much overhead. The fastest method IMHO is to use a darareader. Personally I use a datatable.fill and pass the data as a poco opbject.
Mycroft Holmes 16-Oct-14 3:46am View
Probably better in the database forum but the pedants will get you for cross posting now. This is after all inviting discussion whereas most of us ignore a question with 1 or more answer.
Mycroft Holmes 15-Oct-14 18:23pm View
Then accept that the filter will be fired EVERY time the user changes any of the 4 values!
Mycroft Holmes 13-Oct-14 5:11am View
BTW after arguing with Rohan I noticed you are storing the address twice. This is a disaster, store it on the account table ONLY. NEVER, ever store data twice!
Mycroft Holmes 13-Oct-14 5:10am View
How are you going to get Description to the TBilling table and if you suggest inserting into the TAccount table I'll take your keyboard away from you!
Mycroft Holmes 13-Oct-14 5:06am View
[Personal opinion] CTE's are not intuitive, they read backwards and I have trouble dealing with them and I can't see any benefit by using a CTE!
Mycroft Holmes 13-Oct-14 5:00am View
No triggers are not valid for this solution, you have to assume the user is passing in a shed load of variables to be inserted, you don't want to be passing variables to triggers (not sure you CAN).

Actually triggers used for ANYTHING but auditing are a disaster and should be hunted out of the database.
Mycroft Holmes 13-Oct-14 4:55am View
What database are you using for the local storage (I don't think you know). I would use an XML file, read the article it has example and code.
Mycroft Holmes 25-Sep-14 1:59am View
Not the brightest request, this is straight research, if you had typed each keyword into google you would have got exactly what you are looking for from MSDN!
Mycroft Holmes 22-Sep-14 4:50am View
Well next time you might consider telling us you are using MySQL - the above answer is for MSSQL.
Mycroft Holmes 4-Aug-14 1:15am View
Try naming the datasource "ObjectDataSource1" to the missing name "r_instructores".
Mycroft Holmes 16-Jul-14 1:35am View
You need to define "it is giving some other data" is it as trivial as rounding errors or different records.
Mycroft Holmes 5-Jun-14 3:12am View
Some are obsessed by rep point.

Your comment is more than adequate for an answer, especially considering the quality of the database he is working with. Waiting for the OP to confirm an answer is a WOFAM, they are rarely that proactive.

Have no fear the denizens on Q&A will have no compunction in supplying another solution even if yours is the better one.
Mycroft Holmes 5-Jun-14 2:03am View
Next time when supplying a solution do not add it as a comment, it is difficult to read as there is no formatting, it does not show up as a solution (and others come in to answer it when you have done the job) and you get not rep points for your work.
Mycroft Holmes 30-May-14 3:21am View
I thought it was a dumb question at first, of course it is defined by the memory you have use, then I started looking for the number and failed to find it in 5 minutes, about the limit of my attention span.
Mycroft Holmes 30-May-14 3:19am View
That is a discussion by developers on the merits of the 2 frameworks, not the differences.
Mycroft Holmes 30-May-14 3:14am View
As there are a number of file sources represented by VCE you need to be more specific. Also if you are not going to use software what do you expect to use - magic!
Mycroft Holmes 28-May-14 0:00am View
There is an explanation at the bottom of the post.
Mycroft Holmes 20-May-14 3:40am View
In SQL Server you have "Common Table Expressions" CTE which allows you to create a recursive query
Mycroft Holmes 19-May-14 23:59pm View
Have some Google Foo - there are many examples including a couple on CP.

Use theses keywords in Google - winforms textbox rounded corners
Mycroft Holmes 19-May-14 3:59am View
Then you need to look at the business requirement and then look at your processing flow to define where you can optomise it. Transactions are not the issue. Identify what makes the insert redundant and work on that.
Mycroft Holmes 19-May-14 3:51am View
This is a lousy question, go to the Payzippy vendor and study their tutorials, you are asking someone to create a tutorial for you, that is not going to happen.
Mycroft Holmes 19-May-14 3:46am View
And PatientID not in (select patientid from dialiser)

Mycroft Holmes 19-May-14 3:19am View
That is not what you want, you need to identify the assignment table in the database and use that in the query not just the last one you assigned. BTW, change the @SepectedPatient to the number (I always use a variable in SQL Proceures that are not supported in Express).
Mycroft Holmes 5-Dec-13 7:36am View
Of course I'm not using POCO objects, I told you my model implement INotifyPropertyChange, they can't be POCO. POCO object CAN'T tell anyone anything they are DUMB. I told you this in my very first response.
Mycroft Holmes 5-Dec-13 4:18am View
I don't know EF, we use our own DAL and then populate the Model from a datatable in the WCF. The models are in their own project and implement INotifyPropertyChange.

The client project also references and reuses the same model project (we are doing Silverlight).
Mycroft Holmes 5-Dec-13 3:54am View
Ah so MySQL does support triggers, I'd assumed so.
Mycroft Holmes 5-Dec-13 3:52am View
That is not a solution and you are just restating a comment made an hour ago - waste of time.
Mycroft Holmes 25-Nov-13 4:08am View
Nope - that is your job. Take a look through some of the examples, there are plenty around.
Mycroft Holmes 25-Nov-13 3:22am View
You mark this question as ASP and are asking a question about a DataGridView - a winforms control. You need to clarify your requirement.
Mycroft Holmes 19-Nov-13 3:12am View
Take this sort of discussion to the lounge - you will get a better viewing and response.
Mycroft Holmes 10-Nov-13 17:56pm View
Whatyou have not mentioned is the UI you are using. Windows has a folder for AppData for everyuser on a windows machine and exposes that via the SpecialFolder enumeration, do some research into that area you will find the tools to meet your needs there.
Mycroft Holmes 10-Nov-13 7:25am View
Usually you should use the AppData folder for the users, some systems will have the installation folder locked out. You can find it using SpecialFolders in the IO namespace
Mycroft Holmes 27-Oct-13 6:07am View
It would seem reasonable to ask this on the Stimulsoft forum!
Mycroft Holmes 12-Aug-13 23:20pm View
Are you after information about a database? What database.

Or are you trying to retrieve data stored in the database?
Mycroft Holmes 12-Aug-13 23:18pm View
Ok so you have thought of an idea, now try and think of the steps you needs to do this, when you run into a problem come back and ask a sensible question.
Mycroft Holmes 2-Aug-13 20:06pm View
And some idiot down voted you answer!
Good for you getting the answer and even better for posting the solution. Personally I hate linq but ut is just too useful to ignore.
Mycroft Holmes 28-Jul-13 4:47am View
You need to read the guidelines, asking for code is frowned upon, the goal is for you to learn how to do the work. There are sites such as where you can get the code written for you.
Mycroft Holmes 23-Jul-13 1:32am View
Delete and insert is faster than update under certain circumstances so the approach may not be invalid.
Mycroft Holmes 3-Jul-13 3:56am View
Yuo must be a sock puppet for this ID
Mycroft Holmes 3-Jul-13 3:54am View
Sorry that is your job, I have given you the pointers. Getting the XML data from the database is the same as getting any other type of data except you use ExecuteScalar to get a string variable instead of a dataset
Mycroft Holmes 30-Jun-13 22:28pm View
First I would confirm that is is the actual export that is causing the timing blowout. Then I would get into Business Objects support forum and try and get an answer from them. This does not sound like a C# problem but a CR issue. The blowout does not surprise me as CR has had another 15 years of garbage development loaded into it and excel is somewhat more complex than in VB6 days so the export would be more convoluted.
Mycroft Holmes 28-May-13 4:11am View
Why not try expanding on your question, there is not enough info there for anyone to help you. Vani took a guess at ASP, reasonable but you need to give us some more detail on what you are attempting.

Mycroft Holmes 18-Apr-13 2:15am View
Certainly not, I refuse to help anyone who shouts and uses txt speak. Learn to be polite and use the keyboard! Besides Karthik has given you an excellent link by the looks of it
Mycroft Holmes 18-Apr-13 2:09am View
Oops and you got shouted at hah hah!
Mycroft Holmes 18-Apr-13 2:06am View
Looks Ok to me have you checked that your client is sending the information correctly - both must the tester and the employee ids must be sent from the client otherwise you are going to have to test to see if one of them is zero.
Mycroft Holmes 18-Apr-13 2:01am View
Some sort of hint as to how you communicate with the machine would be useful. You can't just magic the information from there to you.
Mycroft Holmes 4-Apr-13 22:46pm View
I don't have any MySQL experience so can't refute the indexing issue, 30sec is not unreasonable on a large database. Try changing the where clause.
Mycroft Holmes 4-Apr-13 22:31pm View
Sorry I assume SQL Server. If you have no access to the database other than query then you are screwed, go back to your manager and make him optimise the query.

I have never used MySQL but after the indexing I would look into the where clause which seems to be converting a date to a string and then applying the filter I think it should be convert the string to a date and filter on the date data type.
Mycroft Holmes 18-Mar-13 7:17am View
Your question shows such a fundamental lack of knowledge that I cannot answer the question. Get a book and start studying!
Mycroft Holmes 6-Mar-13 22:28pm View
Wrong site me thinks!
Mycroft Holmes 6-Mar-13 2:43am View
From whom do you wish to hide the properties.
Mycroft Holmes 5-Mar-13 20:29pm View
This solution is only valid on a single user database.
Mycroft Holmes 4-Mar-13 4:10am View
WAT then why are you creating a Parameter and adding it to the command. This MUST generate a sql error.
Mycroft Holmes 4-Mar-13 4:07am View
Excellent, always good to know the help is appreciated.
Mycroft Holmes 4-Mar-13 3:55am View
Presumably your parameter name is correctly formatted, your parameter value is a variable and is populated and passed in correctly and presumably you have debugged the code to check the procedure is called correctly and you have tested the procedure in SSMS with the parameter passed in.
Mycroft Holmes 4-Mar-13 0:43am View
I actually have all these in a bunch of function but dammed if I was going to do the work for him!
Mycroft Holmes 28-Feb-13 1:23am View
What error are you getting, if it is a security error you will need to take the app out of browser!
Mycroft Holmes 28-Feb-13 1:15am View
Did you try asking Google ?
Mycroft Holmes 22-Feb-13 2:34am View
You will note that you are being ignored. This is because you are asking for the code and using txt speak. Show us what you have created and where and what the error is!
Mycroft Holmes 21-Feb-13 19:14pm View
Well that was obvious, the variable is a string and you want to do a string function duh! You will need to change the int to a string to be able to use a string function on it (.Contains or LIKE).
Mycroft Holmes 25-Jan-13 2:10am View
Read the guidelines and ask a question don't make a statement and expect someone to post the solution!
Mycroft Holmes 23-Jan-13 4:14am View
search the articles, there are chat examples already available.
Mycroft Holmes 14-Jan-13 6:05am View
Added a link to some info - looks like they support pretty much all platforms.
Mycroft Holmes 11-Jan-13 0:03am View
Next time edit your post to improve it, multiple posting is irritating.
Mycroft Holmes 9-Jan-13 17:35pm View
Well I wasn't rude or sarcastic which is my usual style for silly questions :)
Mycroft Holmes 9-Jan-13 2:55am View
You are asking someone to explain a subject that has books written about it. Do some research, there is plenty of material out there.
Mycroft Holmes 9-Jan-13 2:52am View
That is your job, if you post the errors you may get some help, asking someone else to do your job is counterproductive!
Mycroft Holmes 8-Jan-13 3:49am View
Rather than a quick answer you should probably put this into the database discussion area you may get a better response.
Mycroft Holmes 20-Dec-12 3:23am View
Well done now what are you going to do!
Mycroft Holmes 19-Dec-12 3:54am View
You can't have even looked at the code, do some work and find out what the code does before rejecting it, you may need to only change 1 parameter from airport to railway for it to work.
Mycroft Holmes 19-Dec-12 3:51am View
I start to believe you can find anything on the interweb! I was going to go with the sarcastic comment about writing the code to a CD and using the reflection to... but I didn't!

You get 5 from me!
Mycroft Holmes 5-Dec-12 3:09am View
Listen to Andre, DON'T STORE YOUR DATE AS CHARACTER, this is one of the most basic errors you can make in database design. When you extract the DateTime data from the table is when you format it using the convert.
Mycroft Holmes 29-Nov-12 4:26am View
You think you will get a different answer because you remove the reference to virus?
Mycroft Holmes 29-Nov-12 2:38am View
You are not going to get an answer to this basically because it would be like a virus.
Mycroft Holmes 16-Oct-12 3:15am View
Is there a reason you are reposting the same question repeatedly. Also the title should not be the entire question!

You have not asked a question, what problems are you encountering?
Mycroft Holmes 16-Oct-12 3:11am View
You have not asked a question, what is the problem you are encountering? This is just a requirement list.
Mycroft Holmes 22-Jun-12 2:07am View
See Griff's solution it is more detailed. If it fails the TryParseExact with the culture supplied then it is crappy data and you need to deal with it. Mapping the cultureinfo to a supplier is just work.
Mycroft Holmes 8-Jun-12 1:55am View
codeBegin is right, these are just a set of interview questions. Do the minimum of research and get the answers.
Mycroft Holmes 9-Apr-12 3:49am View
First create and test your stored procedure. Then in the job definition you can enter the name of the stroed procedure
Mycroft Holmes 19-Mar-12 1:52am View
Try rentacode or Elance
Mycroft Holmes 6-Mar-12 3:42am View
All you are doing is reading the file into a byte array, you now need to write it to the database. Try searching for an answer, this has been done many times and there are plenty of resources out there.
Mycroft Holmes 14-Feb-12 22:15pm View
This must be a homework question. I have seen this asked multiple times this week.
Mycroft Holmes 14-Feb-12 2:50am View
While I agree with the transaction, recommending a delete/insert scenario for a newbie is very dangerous. He may not be aware of related records that may be left orphaned.
Mycroft Holmes 13-Feb-12 22:14pm View
Try searching the article for TreeView, your question is not specific enough to be useful.
Mycroft Holmes 13-Feb-12 3:55am View
learn to use a keyboard, textspeak is not appreciated and should NEVER be used in an answer. We are trying to educate and help developers not devolve them.
Mycroft Holmes 13-Feb-12 3:53am View
This is like the old support wheeze - try reinstalling the application. Garbage!
Mycroft Holmes 13-Feb-12 3:49am View
Thats what I said without the links! I hate reposts.
Mycroft Holmes 13-Feb-12 3:14am View
Don't repost the same question! I hate answering a question that already had an adequate response in it.
Mycroft Holmes 1-Feb-12 22:38pm View
What is the database you are using?
Mycroft Holmes 11-Jan-12 1:20am View
Why do you people insist on an additional 'Mode' the ID value is more than adequate to tell me the record does not exist and needs inserting.
Mycroft Holmes 11-Jan-12 1:18am View
If you read the original I don't use mode, the mode comes in from a bunch of alternatives that I don't like either. So this is not an alternative.
Mycroft Holmes 30-Nov-11 2:19am View
And for this you want a Quick Answer - I suggest you post this in the Design forum where it can better be discussed.
Mycroft Holmes 26-Nov-11 19:05pm View
Actually I agree with Rich, what is the point of the tip/trick, possibly to aggregate the link! Mind you I know of no other place to put this information.
Mycroft Holmes 24-Nov-11 17:52pm View
Sure when you have a specific coding problem post it in Q&A, someone generally will help. The idea that 1 person is going to get involved in your coding issues is just not the way it works.
Mycroft Holmes 23-Nov-11 23:17pm View
Two things, blogspot is blocked by our net nazi and I have my own work to do.
Mycroft Holmes 17-Nov-11 3:59am View
You are going to have to try and state your question more clearly, it does not make sense at the moment.
Mycroft Holmes 19-Oct-11 6:51am View
Sorry I don't have the time nor the inclination to do your work for you
Mycroft Holmes 19-Oct-11 3:07am View
Yeah but SA your solution is typical MS, technically correct but absolutely useless (I need a smiley here).
Mycroft Holmes 18-Oct-11 3:30am View
Ahm what are you expecting us to do to help.
Have you tested the query (procedure) in SSMS.
Have you then tried getting the data back in the client, you may be trying to get just too much data or you may have an infinte loop in you query!
Mycroft Holmes 18-Oct-11 3:25am View
So name the ReportDataSource with the name it is asking for DataSet2_OnlineReports instead of OnlineReports. This is a typical undocumented black hole that gets us all!
Mycroft Holmes 18-Oct-11 2:18am View
Does intellisense not work on your machine, try .items[index]. Just a guess.

It would also be useful to know what tech you are using, winforms, asp or other.
Mycroft Holmes 26-Sep-11 1:10am View
Oh it was not intended as a sample, I was astonished at the complexity (never having even thought about it) of the requirements. This will not be an inconsequential project.
Mycroft Holmes 17-Aug-11 5:09am View
Can you clarify - are you hoping to turn image files into text?
Mycroft Holmes 15-Aug-11 1:59am View
Does your method handle DBNull.Value for all the datatypes.
Mycroft Holmes 9-Aug-11 5:54am View
You really should let us know whether you are using windows forms or asp or WPF/SL as the methods are very different.
Mycroft Holmes 30-Jul-11 20:41pm View
Please try and show the correct methods. Using formatted strings to insert dates is not correct and you should promote parameterised queries. Read this article
Mycroft Holmes 25-Jul-11 19:10pm View
There is a script floating aroun that will search the procs and functions for a substring, this will help locate the offending procs. The code that uses select * is a whole nuther problem.
Mycroft Holmes 25-Jul-11 6:59am View
Don't be silly - he's asking you for the code!
Mycroft Holmes 25-Jul-11 2:15am View
Please don't tell me your date data is stored as text values. If so then you URGENTLY need to change to the proper datetime format, if you don't then there is no way to help you.
Mycroft Holmes 25-Jul-11 1:56am View
Sure you did and it is WRONG, try using dd-MMM-yyyy, the 3 cap Ms will force a text month into the query.
Mycroft Holmes 25-Jul-11 1:40am View
What database are you using, you should not need formatting in a select statement.
Mycroft Holmes 24-Jul-11 18:57pm View
I agree with Sharma's request, if you come up with a solution then an article or a tip/trick is justified!
Mycroft Holmes 24-Jul-11 18:54pm View
So not only do you want the codz but you want it in your style of code. Read the guidelines, asking for the codz is frowned upon. Do a search for 101 Linq examples, it has been immensely useful to me.
Mycroft Holmes 24-Jul-11 6:45am View
Get a book, find some tutorials and learn. Asking for the codz is the height of trollish behaviour.
Mycroft Holmes 22-Jul-11 20:48pm View
Besides taking Daves advice and using parameterised queries I would change the field names to eliminate the spaces First Name should be changed to FirstName etc. This is the root cause of one of your problem and should be fixed in the table design.
Mycroft Holmes 10-Jul-11 19:05pm View
I'd be astonished if there was a converter from foxpro programming to anything. I would expect you to have to rewrite the application from scratch. At least you have the working apop to reverse engineer.
Mycroft Holmes 26-Jun-11 8:04am View
Question does not make sense, a CVS is a xaml representation of a data source, declare another CVS using the same datasource in the other class.
Mycroft Holmes 30-May-11 21:17pm View
Why not combine string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace instead of using regex
Mycroft Holmes 12-Apr-11 18:12pm View
What makes you think an update and an insert have different objectvies, I just want to write the data to the table, I don't care if there is an existing record or not. Why do you think overloads were invented?
Mycroft Holmes 5-Apr-11 1:16am View
I don't like combining the delete as the delete procs footprint only required the Id. Also a delete proc is often not required, updating a disabled flag is quite common.
Mycroft Holmes 5-Apr-11 1:10am View
I don't have any reason for separating the 2 methods
In the insert part I get the scope_identity() and return it to the client
Now this is a valid reason for 2 procs (the only one)
Created details would be done in the insert part of the proc.
Mycroft Holmes 26-Nov-10 22:50pm View
Don't know why the OP didn't up vote this - an excellent answer.
Mycroft Holmes 24-Nov-10 3:06am View
Typical troll posting - 1st post and it is designed to irritate the people who help here.

Be off with you foul TROLL
Mycroft Holmes 25-Oct-10 1:49am View
What database are you using
Mycroft Holmes 24-Oct-10 20:05pm View
So someone, the owner/developer of the code, has gone to some trouble and expense to secure their code and you are asking other developers how you can steal their code.

Please cosider yourself thoroughly insulted.
Mycroft Holmes 24-Oct-10 7:00am View
Your powers of interpretive understanding are impressive, dammed if I could get that from the question!
Mycroft Holmes 27-Sep-10 4:33am View
What exactly are you expecting, you need to decide on how you intend to handle exceptions.
Mycroft Holmes 8-Sep-10 2:29am View
Are you looking for somewhere to backup your code? This seems to be a code dump without a question.

This forum is called Q&A, you ask a question and we try and answer it, we seem to be missing a fundamental part of that requirement.
Mycroft Holmes 8-Sep-10 2:27am View
Are you looking for somewhere to backup your code? This seems to be a code dump without a question.

This forum is called Q&A, you ask a question and we try and answer it, we seem to be missing a fundamental part of that requirement.
Mycroft Holmes 12-Jun-10 4:46am View
Sorry but I can't resist.

You want to use a graphics language to move a robotic arm from one location to another, I would think a truck would be more useful.
Mycroft Holmes 4-Jun-10 2:13am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Try they will be able to supply this service