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Comments by Redgum (Top 4 by date)

Redgum 23-Dec-15 11:29am View    
Nathan is correct - you'd need to write a tandem set of services where one watches the other. (These are popular with malware writers) Also, you've told us what your solution is, but not what the problem you're addressing it with. Lots of intelligent folks on here - try submitting or editing with the description of the problem you're trying to solve. e.g. Why are you changing the system time? NTP is very simple to setup. If you can't get it to work, W32TM service might not be running due to GPO policy - check the CPO policy under Windows System Settings and make sure it's enabled.
Redgum 25-Nov-14 16:37pm View    
WPF dispensed with the nice little Screen.AllScreens helper found in Windows.Forms and unless you like the resulting namespace collisions, I might suggest looking into rolling your own screen class. To get you started: and then take a look at: Between these, should get you enough information to know a viable direction to take.
Redgum 20-Nov-14 19:00pm View    
First question needed to be asked is 'What problem are you trying to solve?'
If you are simply looking to replace strings within a file(s) there are far more elegant and less dangerous ways to do this in code. While interesting that you've embedded Notepad++ into a WinForms app, the first question needs to be asked in earnest.
Redgum 20-Nov-14 18:50pm View    
Ditto on prior comments. You can always override a drop-down or combo-box (super-class it) and add your own custom component to it. I did this with a list box control - its fairly simple. Just create a class, and inherit the control type you want to add the functionality to.