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johannesnestler 15-Nov-21 10:21am View    
Whats your problem? To aggregate the result?
Something like this
public Infected GetAllContaminationID(int contaminationID)
var isolatedWithContaminationID = isolateds.Where(p => p.ContaminationID.Equals(contaminationID)).ToList();
var infectedWithContaminationID = infecteds.Where(p => p.ContaminationID.Equals(contaminationID)).ToList();

var result = isolatedWithContaminationID.Concat(infectedWithContaminationID).ToList();
return result; ​
btw. you have to change the return type of GetAllContaminationID to the common base class (Infected)
johannesnestler 1-Apr-21 6:46am View    
make your watcher a member-variable... missing basics of c#?
johannesnestler 29-Sep-20 11:08am View    
old but simplest solution for this in .NET UI - 5ed
johannesnestler 27-Jul-20 10:28am View    
I agree with Gerry - I like to develop things myself, but a end-customer Report-Designer is way to "expensive" to build with all features opposed to the price of a commercial solution. Most of them you can try for free and evaluate against your requirements. (I use DevExpress Report Designer (WPF) which has very good customization (for datasources) and so on, so even if you have to develop parts of your designer yourself, it's still better to "customize" an existing product with custom Code/design)
johannesnestler 16-Jul-20 0:52am View    
you are welcome - good luck with your project!