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NeverJustHere 3-Nov-14 3:05am View    
Unfortunately, there is no automatic conversion from database values to Nullable int, so you need to code this yourself.

Use something like (from memory, so may need fixing):
NullableInt = dbField.IsNull ? Nothing : dbField.GetInt()
NeverJustHere 3-Nov-14 2:42am View    
Why do you not need this mystring.Replace("\"","s"); ??
NeverJustHere 3-Nov-14 2:40am View    
There is nothing wrong with using int for data that can be null.

The difference is the string type natively supports null, int does not. The string type is a little unusual in .net in this regard.

The int type can be wrapped around a null manager by using nullable<int>. This would be the correct way of representing any number that may not exist, rather than converting them all to strings.
NeverJustHere 15-Jun-14 2:58am View    
You will also have to read he terms of use of the websites you are scanning to make sure you are allowed to. There are many sites that get annoyed by this type of thing, and will actively look to detect and block you.
NeverJustHere 11-Jun-14 8:52am View    
If it's YOUR computer, then set up a scheduled job.

If it's the client running your code, then use javascript to refresh when the date changes.