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Jegan Thiyagesan 4-Oct-13 6:34am View    
If you do not access to app.xaml it doesn't matter, whoever calls your MonitorProfileOutputViewModel needs to initialize and set the view model before calling them. The app.xaml is an example where the MainWindowViewModel has been called. if you MonitorProfileOutputViewModel has been called in another file, then initialize and set it there.
Jegan Thiyagesan 16-May-13 13:11pm View    
what output are you getting for this code?
Jegan Thiyagesan 16-May-13 7:32am View    
show us your code!
Jegan Thiyagesan 14-May-13 7:56am View    
Sorry, I missed one more thing;
second for loop should have
oRange.Value2 = itemDataGridView.Rows[i].Cells[j].Value;
Jegan Thiyagesan 14-May-13 7:49am View    
No! I didn't mean you add to the namespace it self, use the alias name i.e.

oRange = oSheet.Cells[1, j + 1] as Excel_12.Range;

oRange = oSheet.Cells[i + 2, j + 1] as Excel_12.Range;