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Comments by KarstenK (Top 200 by date)

KarstenK 8-Apr-24 3:51am View    
See this code. I didnt find some better, but it will work this way:
KarstenK 6-Mar-24 3:07am View    
your question makes clear that you need some basic tutorials about pointers. Take the time, it will be worth it.
KarstenK 28-Feb-24 1:13am View    
you are at a real beginner level in asking such questions. Without hard work - you will fail in life.
C is some basic level language not the best for complex tasks because of the lack of framerorks for higher tasks.
KarstenK 9-Feb-24 6:46am View    
I like reconnecting more than pinging because means also energy for nothing.
KarstenK 25-Jan-24 4:41am View    
he should get the source code from