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Comments by KarstenK (Top 200 by date)

KarstenK 1-Sep-22 5:17am View    
I remember that Visual Studio was allowing it in earlier versions.
KarstenK 31-Aug-22 13:05pm View     CRLF
You are right and it is standard. But some compilers are "allowing" this. But using it is silly.
KarstenK 30-Aug-22 11:40am View    
Ok: why are your worrying about that? A library should do its job, so the coder can develop his code.
KarstenK 30-Aug-22 9:18am View    
your instinct will evolve with "experience". That is telling me my 20+ years instinct ...
KarstenK 29-Aug-22 2:00am View     CRLF
You cant have all. Normally library which are targeting a system are suitable for it. That also includes size. Maybe it has some release or compact mode. Dont waist your time on incidental issues. You will loose!!!