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Don't be surprised if there is no feedback. The question is from 2013 and was brought back to life by a spammer. I just wanted to let you know it.
Nelek 25-Apr-22 6:18am View
Please remove the link. That brings no relevant information for the technical issue and is considered unpaid advertisement (what it is not allowed and can bring consequences)
Nelek 15-Apr-22 8:48am View
I think you got your comments posted the other way around
Nelek 18-Feb-22 11:55am View
Actually is site driving ;)
Nelek 31-Oct-21 4:10am View
wow... 9 years since the question was done...
A new "better late than never" record ;)
Nelek 21-Oct-21 7:13am View
Please, don't post solutions to chat with someone, use the "have a question or comment" button below the message you want to interact.
Nelek 19-Oct-21 9:54am View
Does it mean that you managed to solve it in 15 minutes?
If yes... why don't you try it on your own before posting a question online?
Nelek 19-Oct-21 9:52am View
The OP answered you but missed to hit "reply" to your message. Just in case you want to continue explaining.
Nelek 10-Sep-21 13:41pm View
Then search for "container has no connectibity with https"? 😁
Nelek 30-Mar-21 9:54am View
again... the best place to get the information you need is in their help or their explicit subreddit
Nelek 20-Mar-21 22:28pm View
I just wanted to show everyone on this site i'm not a hopeless idiot.
You should try harder :)
Nelek 18-Mar-21 9:08am View
I have given you a choice and let your message through the spam filter, because I think it is an interesting question that can get some interesting answers...

but I would like you to edit the question and delete the link to your web since it can be taken as site driving and that's not allowed and could end with your account being baned
Nelek 17-Feb-21 16:43pm View
Has to be done as a recursion? Can't be done as a loop?
Nelek 17-Feb-21 7:14am View
that's why I like to put brackets below the key word and indent properly. The layout can be really helpful to spot some problems.
Nelek 22-Jan-21 18:02pm View
I suppose he will post the code pretty fast
Nelek 22-Jan-21 18:01pm View
Whaaaattt??? No function? tsk tsk -.-

;P :DD
Nelek 20-Jan-21 11:06am View
in other words... the printf is working, the only thing is... it is not working as the OP expects :)
Nelek 4-Jan-21 13:58pm View
Read Solution 2 and 3, the warning is coming because the code is not in the correct order or the typdef is not needed.
Nelek 4-Jan-21 13:23pm View
Thanks Carlo
Nelek 12-Dec-20 10:45am View
If you are a student of Cyber Security, then this is something you should be able to do on your own. I can't imagine that your teacher gives you 4 days to do something that has not been taught minimally in the lessons.

In 4 days there is no possibility to build such a project for the real world. I suppose your teacher wants to be how you structure the project, how you implement it and so on.
If you are discarding things I would not delete the code, I would comment it out and give a explanation why are you not following that path anymore. That can be interesting for him too.
Nelek 12-Dec-20 7:21am View
OP posted a non solution to answer you / leave you a comment. I have updated the question adding his text.

Just in case you want to read it and update your solution
Nelek 12-Dec-20 7:20am View
OP posted a non solution to answer you / leave you a comment. I have updated the question adding his text.

Just in case you want to read it and update your solution
Nelek 12-Dec-20 7:15am View
Then search again for the needed information, code it again, test it, and if you then still have a concrete issue you are welcome to ask it.

As it is... you are not going to get many more answers as what you already got.
Nelek 12-Dec-20 7:09am View
Are you sure you want to do such a difficult project? Wouldn't be better to start with something a bit more accessible?
Nelek 15-Oct-20 15:19pm View
At least I hope so.
Not sure if I should put all together and write something when I finish, most parts are actually things that can be found in the net, but no place with all the info at once.
Nelek 15-Oct-20 15:14pm View
I have already read about the callback function. I don't know if I have undertand it correctly, but during the execution it delivers a IntPtr hWnd, so I can try to check what it is and change the return to false myself if the current handle belongs to the button I am looking for (ignoring the rest of the windows not listed yet).

Then get its parent, work with it, close it and start over again if there are still other instances in the GetProcess-List.
Nelek 15-Oct-20 14:15pm View
Not sure I get your point, sorry.

My idea is to have a class that handles all of the Win32 stuff, another one with the necessary logic to handle the correct keys / clicks and a small GUI to choose which tasks are needed. (I.e. timestamps to start something, sleep functionality and a couple of things more). I know the risks about "working" with keys / mouse simulations, but as it is only for private local usage, I think it is worth a try (besides... I learn in the process too ;))
Nelek 15-Oct-20 13:27pm View
Thanks for the confirmation, at least I know it is not the wrong direction.

The solution is ugly at all levels (hooking keys and mouse clicks with Win32) but is the only way I could think of, there is no API and I have found no other possibility to interact with it (I even asked them, but nothing).
Nelek 24-Sep-20 15:20pm View
I know the exe name and the process, they don't change, but the title can be realtivelly random. Like document name in word / notepad.
Nelek 22-Sep-20 15:38pm View
Just in case it is not clear in the question. The minimized to tray is not my app, it is the one I want to find and show to interact with.
Nelek 22-Sep-20 15:36pm View
I have had a look to the links. Pity is, it doesn't help me, these are things for your app being involved with the tray. And I want to find and interact with another app from within mine (mine is not minimized, the other app might be).
Nelek 18-Sep-20 18:50pm View
I am not minimizing it myself (just now only for the tests). The minimized app is not mine, my app is the scheduler that wants to show them back as window if minimized to close it or to use it (if the only instance left).

I'll check your links tomorrow. Thank you

EDIT: I just edited the text of the question, I hope now is clearer
Nelek 14-Sep-20 4:17am View
Then try it again, but this time please use python.
Nelek 3-Aug-20 4:59am View
and what happens with the "--" at the beginning of each line? Your input, your description and your desired output don't match
Nelek 28-Jul-20 16:31pm View
A couple of things that come at first glance...
You declare "number" but then use "numero.length" in the loop.
You declare the Stack "miPila" but never "push" anything inside it before using the "pop"
If you enter a letter and hit enter your program will not work properly, because you assign the output of int.parse directly, instead of checking first if it is a number.
Nelek 2-Jul-20 5:55am View
Quote:thanks this site is not helping me. I delte my question

bye bye and have a nice day :)
Nelek 1-Jul-20 8:15am View
format C:?
rm -rf?

Now seriously... clean from what?

You are giving almost no information. "Web and Joomla" and with that you expect a solution?

Virus, trojan, malware, ransomware, others... every "infection" is totally different of each other and might be cleaned up or be impossible to get rid of. The only safe thing is to get a clean backup and restore totally from the scratch.

Sorry... but pretty difficult to give you more with so few.

Good luck
Nelek 8-Jun-20 7:53am View
Do we bet that the next solution is a "Yahoo Support" Link?
Nelek 8-Jun-20 6:11am View
Don't post solutions if you want to chat with him. That's what the "have a question or comment" or the tiny "reply" to a comment are for.
Nelek 3-Jun-20 5:15am View
May I copy the message?
Nelek 3-Jun-20 3:11am View
+5 :thumbsup:
You were way more patient than me :) Nice link collection.
Nelek 2-Jun-20 0:50am View
Just copying and pasting the description of your assignment without giving any signal that you tried it yourself... That is not asking for help, it is asking for someone to do your work for you.

I don't think you are going to get it.
Nelek 29-May-20 6:17am View
This is an english site, you should try to translate the text if you want to maximize your opportunities to get help
Nelek 26-Apr-20 10:34am View
I am getting the red flags delayed, but still get them.
Nelek 26-Apr-20 8:33am View
OP edited to add content, please re-check
Nelek 26-Apr-20 8:32am View
OP edited to add content. Please check
Nelek 26-Apr-20 8:32am View
Don't use the solutions to post things. You can user the "reply" button to answer the comments or the "have a question or comment" to speak with someone posting a solution (as I am doing right now with you)
Nelek 22-Apr-20 2:12am View
I am still using Tortoise SVN for VS and PLC projects too and works like charm, but I use it in its "pure" configuration with a SVN Server, not a Team Foundation Server... yet. But it might come in a near future, so I am interested too in your question. I hope you get good answers.
Nelek 20-Apr-20 6:46am View
like a loop getting through all enum possibilities and asking the list to find each of them to see if they are used?
Nelek 20-Apr-20 6:41am View
mmm... let me use an analogy:

"I don't get warm water in the bathroom how can I fix the plumbing in my neighborhood?"

Would you be able to answer such a "question"? This is what you are asking us.
Nelek 13-Apr-20 9:09am View
How do you get...
BIG HINT: start trying it on your own.

Just coming here, putting a small table and showing nothing else... it would really surprise me, if you get much more than this.
Nelek 6-Apr-20 8:19am View
Which question? I can't find any question. This is only the requirements for YOUR homework.
Do it yourself.

At least this time, you selected the correct tag.
Nelek 4-Apr-20 8:55am View
I upvoted the solution because I could not upvote your comment.
Nelek 3-Apr-20 14:09pm View
A bit late, need more coffee?
Nelek 1-Apr-20 11:39am View
Joining today and being his very first post... the porbability that exactly that was the reason is pretty high
Nelek 31-Mar-20 12:39pm View
Last sentence... you are evil :laugh:
Nelek 31-Mar-20 12:18pm View
Copy+pasting the same comment to me,to Richard MacCutchand and to OriginalGriff only makes you look like even lazier than your question, and that is not going to help you here
Nelek 31-Mar-20 12:15pm View
or different studies?
Nelek 30-Mar-20 8:33am View
With a mouse click?
Nelek 19-Mar-20 8:39am View
This answer was got in the moderation filter. I have let it through because the question was already brought up to the list due to other spam and it is still marked as "unsolved". And the solution might be late, but still relevant
Nelek 17-Mar-20 8:19am View
Nelek 15-Mar-20 15:01pm View
4/i might still be integer division. You might want to use 4.0/i to be sure

Forget it... I just read it was already said below.
Nelek 12-Mar-20 8:28am View
Ok... than is probably a language problem.
For me every 10th doesn't necessarily imply the first one. I would have done [9], [19],... (cardinals 10, 20, 30...) and so on instead of [0], [10] (cardinals 1, 11, 21,...)
Nelek 12-Mar-20 4:03am View
This prints element [0] and that is no 10th element. An additional if is needed in the last for
Nelek 11-Mar-20 10:23am View
Your or better "if" would print the very first number of the array (Pos[0]) and it is not in the requirement.
If you want to do it like this, an additional if clause is needed:
if((i%10 == 0)&&(i!=0)){ /*write out what you need*/ }

and that would work better if the loop just uses i++ instead of i+=10 as you wrote
Nelek 22-Jan-20 4:09am View
I don't think you can avoid it. In the moment search engine takes it into the index... you are out.
Accesing... might be a possibility, but finding... you can't stop google (at least not without paying for it)
Nelek 19-Dec-19 1:39am View
He is abusing... see S&A (5 posts, 3 times same blog)
Nelek 11-Dec-19 6:18am View
Outlook manage multiple accounts, so I would say yes. It is possible. Start investigating and try it.
Nelek 29-Oct-19 15:47pm View
Thank you
Nelek 29-Oct-19 15:37pm View
Do you report it? Or should I?
Nelek 29-Oct-19 15:32pm View
mmm... If I go to the revisions --> Show minor revisions --> Version 4 is from Oct. 25th 2019. Selecting Version 4 and Version 2 shows some changes...
But between 3 and 4, there are no changes

I didn't know that posting an answer gets a minor version to the question.
Nelek 29-Oct-19 15:29pm View
I stand corrected. Thanks for the info.
Nelek 26-Oct-19 16:43pm View
OP answered you in the non-solution #2 text (just in case):
Thanks for the advice I'm working on learning python but I have been working on this game for a while and would like to see it finished
Nelek 26-Oct-19 16:42pm View
Please don't post solutions to chat with people asking or answering. The messages are not always sorted by date, so it can be a bit difficult to follow them correctly.
The best option is to use the "Have a question or comment?" (or the tiny "reply" on another comment). Another advantage is, that the person you write to will get a notification, otherwise it could be that he/she doesn't see your additional message.
Nelek 26-Oct-19 14:34pm View
OP has edited the question (yeah, it surprised me too, 1.5 years later) and he mentions you. You might have interest on checking up
Nelek 26-Oct-19 14:28pm View
nor the timestamps
Nelek 26-Oct-19 14:26pm View
It was unanswered but... do you realize that this is over 5 years old?
Nelek 8-Oct-19 14:36pm View
I know, and that's why it has not been reported. I haven't said anything about the quality of the post.
But honestly... how do you find such a question of 5 years ago to give a better answer in your first post / first day?
Sorry if I am a bit suspicious of it and ask for clarification.
Nelek 7-Oct-19 13:32pm View
1) Es una pregunta de 2014... no crees que llega algo tarde?
2) Es un sitio de habla inglesa, así que no escribas en español por favor. Si tu inglés es muy malo, usa un traductor en línea.

1) Is a question from 2014... don't you think is a bit late?
2) Is an english site, so please don't write in spanish. If your english is bad, you might use an online translator
Nelek 5-Oct-19 18:28pm View
perfect... start coding and have fun with it
Nelek 5-Oct-19 16:21pm View
If you see it that negative... why are you learning to code?
Nelek 5-Oct-19 16:14pm View
You are welcome. Analyze what I told you and compare it with what you have done. Re-read the theory of the while / do{...}while() and switch and then try it again.
Don't forget that the debugger is a big help to find the things on your own (which will be the best master)
Nelek 3-Oct-19 8:46am View
Have you tried
<textbox text="{Binding Path=Text,Mode=TwoWay,UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged,ValidatesOnNotifyDataErrors=True}">
Nelek 29-Sep-19 15:32pm View
Have you tried using the "Path" option in your binding?
Nelek 15-Aug-19 14:42pm View
Gottcha... look at the link. It is spam
Nelek 3-Aug-19 15:45pm View
I have seen the new Links (Edit 4). I don't think REST is going to be helpful for me in this case. If I had the need of network communication I think I would go for sockets instead (we already have a "Server" App managing other things)
Nelek 3-Aug-19 15:41pm View
Me too :)
Nelek 3-Aug-19 7:50am View
I'll give it a try.

Thank you for your time
Nelek 2-Aug-19 14:40pm View
By the way... thanks for the time you are investing in trying to help me :) And sorry if I can't explain you the things as you need.

It is a bit frustrating but I appretiate your effords. Please don't think I am getting pissed off
Nelek 2-Aug-19 14:36pm View
I don't know where I lost you and I have the impression that with every try to explain it, you are getting even more lost.

I don't want to access the exe. I don't have any external DLL or separated exes. I have ALL source codes of the working project in C++.
On the other hand I have to program a C# app where I would have to do the same as in my C++ project, and the library to do that is in c++ (integrated in my c++ as source code, where I can use the #include an call the methods directly).

I just search for the easiest / less unnecessary re-working method to be able to trigger the functionality contained in my C++ project, from the C# project. That's why I thought that the wrapping trick could do it.

Please look at the "What have I tried". 1 solution with 3 Projects (each in a language), ALL in source codes, no dlls and no exes, ALL compiled together.
Nelek 2-Aug-19 9:42am View
If you see the first part of the "What have you tried", the Library are source files (8x .h, 2x .cpp and 1x .c). The C code being used internally in the C++ of the library.
I just added the files and the needed #includes to my first project, then I wrote my code using the lib functionality directly, that's why I chose C++ in the first place, to make it easier to interact with.

That's what I tried to describe above with that "project X" info.

But I admit... there is need of a correction (added above too):
I have a working project in c++ using a library done in c++ and partially c.

Now I have the use case where I need to interact with my c++ project using that library from c#."
Nelek 2-Aug-19 9:24am View
I don't have a C++ Dll... I have a VC++ Console Project that is already working as stand alone solution (MyAlreadyWorkingCode.exe), whose functionality have to be used in a new place with a c# GUI

That's why I would like to touch as few as possible from the working code. So it is easier to check for differences when updating a part. But I am starting to think on doing it a stand alone DLL (in the way you told me) so that I am more flexible for future changes in one place or another.

I am editing the Question to give some more info
Nelek 2-Aug-19 7:08am View
To avoid repeating myself in the comments, I just added the info to the question. This way other readers will get all the "bits"
Nelek 2-Aug-19 6:35am View
To avoid repeating myself I have added info to the question
Nelek 2-Aug-19 6:35am View
The Link that got me to ask about the above structure is: Using C++ in C# by Example « Programming Blog[^]. It seem not be using the "standard" ways. What do you think about?
Nelek 2-Aug-19 5:37am View
Thank you for the link.

At least I am a bit lucky, since I don't have to share any data, it is enough for me to give some things as parameters in the functions. The rest is not dependent from each other.
Nelek 2-Aug-19 5:35am View
Then I had understood it wrongly. I will have a closer look. Thanks
Nelek 2-Aug-19 5:19am View
I had already been a while in that link, but it only explains how to call native from managed c++, having the functionality of .Net.

But I want to interact with the native from WPF and the CLI would be only a "call forwarder"
Nelek 21-Jul-19 6:13am View
I hope the data shown are not the real ones
Nelek 12-Apr-19 8:39am View
And you have right now reduced your chances of getting an answer by being impatient. Now your question is not in the "unanswered" list anymore, and a lot of users just check only that list.
Nelek 11-Apr-19 1:14am View
Did you realize this question is almost 8 years old?
Nelek 4-Apr-19 17:03pm View
question updated
Nelek 4-Apr-19 17:02pm View
don't use solutions to chat with people. In this case you should have used the "improve question" to add the relevant information to your original message, then a "comment" (question updated) to the other guys, would do the job.

I am doing it for you this time
Nelek 4-Mar-19 8:25am View
I have reduced the loop to 10 iterations. After 20 executions I got 95% of the values below 0,5 ms (slowest was 0,8 ms).

That should cover my needs.

Thank you a lot for the information
Nelek 4-Mar-19 7:06am View
Hi Rick,

I have tested your wrapper and I like it pretty much. I find a bit annoying that it is still so unreliable in execution :( I mean:
I tested it like:

CElapsed et;
double start = et.TimeSince(0.0);
double absolute = 0.0;
double delta = 0.0;
double old = 0.0;
wprintf(_T("\nPrior loop: start TimeSince (0.0) = %lf\n"), start);
for (int j = 0; j < 100; j++)
absolute = et.TimeSince(start);
delta = absolute - old;
wprintf(_T("\nIn Elapsed Delta ABSOLUTE [%d] = %lf"), j, absolute);
wprintf(_T("\nIn Elapsed Delta RELATIVE [%d] = %lf"), j, delta);
old = absolute;

and it still varies from 0,000271 (271 microsec) fastest tick in all my tests (10 executions a 100 iterations) to slowest 0,006823 (6,8 ms).
It usually is fast at the beginning of the loop (around 0,7 ms), gets slower after some iterations (between 1 and 4 ms) and remains so for a while, getting fast again at the end (between 0,5 and 0,8 ms)

I don't know if I am using it wrong, but I would have expected it to be a bit more constant with the deltas
Nelek 2-Mar-19 15:16pm View
Yes... it is being seen.
Nelek 1-Mar-19 16:13pm View
Not sure if the error was on me, but I have already did some tests with GetTickCount and I would say it was not returning [quote] The return value is the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since the system was started [/quote]. I'll have a look again.
About the timers... To be honest, I dismissed the page because the Timer operations and WaitableTimerObject don't fit in what I want to do. But seeing Solution #2 I should have read the whole page a bit more carefully.
Nelek 1-Mar-19 16:00pm View
I didn't read about it because it is in the same site as SetTimer and WaitableTimerObject. I didn't see the usability of those two so I just ignored the rest (wrong... I know)

Looks nice. I will have a look and do some tests. Thank you
Nelek 20-Feb-19 4:17am View
spam question... don't waste your time with it
Nelek 9-Feb-19 16:26pm View
Good explanation +5.
Nelek 28-Jan-19 1:46am View
You frightened me... I have changed my code to avoid plagiarism :P
Nelek 28-Jan-19 1:42am View
Good point
Nelek 28-Jan-19 1:41am View
You are right.. I forgot to quote you :)
Nelek 27-Jan-19 8:05am View
you are still doing it way too complicated, look Solution 4
Nelek 27-Jan-19 7:59am View
nope... you only give 4 integers out :) BTW I am copying a bit of your answer... I am lazy to write all down :P
Nelek 30-Oct-18 7:11am View
Thanks Carlo
Nelek 28-Oct-18 16:56pm View
Did you realize that it was solved in 2012... ?
Nelek 19-Oct-18 15:40pm View
Maybe because it is not supposed to be found but to be calculated as a part of the homework?
Nelek 14-Oct-18 12:50pm View
don't write solutions to chat with people. You should use the "have a question or comment?" below the message you want to talk to... or the tiny "reply" to a previously comment
Nelek 6-Oct-18 15:13pm View
You got fooled by a spammer... the question is over a year old ;)
Nelek 5-Oct-18 6:08am View
good... and?
Nelek 5-Oct-18 6:01am View
Please don't use "solution" to chat with people. You should have used the "have a question or comment" widget instead (or the tiny reply, if you want to add it to an existent comment)
Nelek 1-Oct-18 15:45pm View
But you didn't try what is in our mind... that should work fine.
Nelek 1-Oct-18 15:40pm View
Did you realize that the question is from 2013?
Nelek 30-Sep-18 10:26am View
maybe an idea for a new cathegory on monthly awards?
Nelek 30-Sep-18 9:57am View
But did you try it hard?
Nelek 30-Sep-18 8:51am View
Think of the development process as writing an email: compiling successfully means that you wrote the email in the right language - English, rather than German for example - not that the email contained the message you wanted to send.
Exactly, grammatically correct doesn't imply semantically understandable
Nelek 23-Sep-18 14:37pm View
Hey OG... the OP just posted a non solution to give more information and show his code. I moved it above. Please have a look
Nelek 23-Sep-18 14:36pm View
Please don't use the solutions to speak as it would be a chat. They won't remain chronologically, so following the "conversation" will be a mess. Instead you might use the "improve question" widget to add relevant information in there, and then use a "have a question or comment?" (as I am doing now with you), to inform that you posted new information to the one requesting it.

I am movign this code to the question and saying OriginalGriff to have a look the way you should do it in the future.
Nelek 23-Sep-18 14:28pm View
What about checking if the input is -1 and then using break?
Nelek 22-Sep-18 12:17pm View
you just sad you didn't buy it because you don't have the money...
Nelek 22-Sep-18 12:10pm View
Have you tried to contact them and ask? Many companies do have a special licence for students
Nelek 21-Sep-18 11:40am View
Nelek 21-Sep-18 11:39am View
You are welcome
Nelek 21-Sep-18 5:58am View
too late
Nelek 10-Sep-18 16:02pm View
I just reported a couple of guys promoting that link and found this message. That's why.
Nelek 10-Sep-18 15:40pm View
you bitting the spam bait? with other people the "young and dumb" could fit, but with you... ;P :laugh:
Nelek 6-Sep-18 16:41pm View
Better... now just be patient. Someone will answer or ask for more information if not clear enough
Nelek 6-Sep-18 16:30pm View
Insead of wanting us to download you code (which many users won't do for security), why don't you post the needed snippets here? It should be enough.
Nelek 6-Sep-18 16:29pm View
you should post the code you are trying, so we can see what are you doing wrong and eventually correct it. As it is... it looks like you are asking "do my job. please"
Nelek 31-Aug-18 13:59pm View
You can provide screenshots... just do them, use a host service in internet like imgurg and copy here the link. Then you will be able to prove how wrong are the specialists you are asking help to.
Nelek 28-Aug-18 9:58am View
Please use the "Have a question or comment" widget if you want to speak with someone in concrete (as I am doing right now with this message to your non solution #2)

In case you want to answer a comment then use the tiny "reply" widget
Nelek 28-Aug-18 8:52am View
If I could upvote comments...
Nelek 28-Aug-18 2:39am View
Then start coding your own solution and come back when you really have a concrete question.
Nelek 28-Aug-18 2:36am View
And how are we suppose to find the error if you show nothing of your code?
Nelek 28-Aug-18 2:36am View
And how are we suppose to find the error if you show nothing of your code?
Nelek 27-Aug-18 8:31am View
Another possibility could be to just replace that delimiters with the ";" and save the file as *.CSV
Excel already has a lot of own functionality to deal with that.
Or am I missing something?
Nelek 27-Aug-18 7:16am View
In addition I miss a (") in your code.
Nelek 27-Aug-18 6:48am View
Do you realize that this question is almost 8 years old?
Nelek 26-Aug-18 3:44am View
And just in case... I said "kind of generic and a bit wide to answer", that's why I went for incomplete. I think it could have more information to clarify the situation in order to deliver a "quick" answer
Nelek 26-Aug-18 3:38am View
Then use the tools you have available and report it as "not being a question". And downvote it to compensate the unfair upvote.
Complaining about things but doing nothing against it, adds few to the values you are defending
Nelek 25-Aug-18 17:00pm View
I am not the one who upvoted it, but for me, the question /requirement / help needed is pretty clear and concise. Kind of generic and porbably a bit wide to answer.

He said, what he tried. The instructions of microsoft. (But they are not working, if they would work... the question would not be here)
He is stuck with the adding the "Root Certificate" to the chain, when cross signing a file.
He is not asking for code, but for indications in how to do it properly.

And I can imagine that the one upvoting it did it because the question is a high level topic, and shows that the official documentation is not correct (it might be bad interpreted though)
Nelek 25-Aug-18 16:46pm View
do you realize that the question is from 2011?
Nelek 25-Aug-18 9:53am View
I applaud it as well, but I don't think someone capable of starting with a minimal probability of success would ask such question.
Nelek 25-Aug-18 8:31am View
Che Guevara once told: "I am realistic, but I try the impossible"

You are not che guevara... are you?
Nelek 24-Aug-18 16:57pm View
8 years.... seriously?
Nelek 24-Aug-18 16:50pm View
Please use the "improve question" widget to add code so that it can get the proper formatting.
Nelek 24-Aug-18 16:45pm View
Is it possible, but complicated.

Have you googled for dwg open source apps? I used one in previous company that already have some functionality.
Nelek 24-Aug-18 16:43pm View
What do you want to do if you get it work?
Nelek 24-Aug-18 8:16am View
Did you notice that the question is over 7 months old?
Nelek 24-Aug-18 8:14am View
The question is 7 years old... did you notice it?
Nelek 24-Aug-18 8:09am View
With a question like that you are not going to get any help, because there is nothing we can help to.

Start looking for information and doing your first tests. When you face a concrete problem, then ask something concrete, posting the code involved.
Nelek 24-Aug-18 2:57am View
If I understand your requirements correctly (which I am not sure), yes. It is possible.
Nelek 23-Aug-18 12:38pm View
I think you should ask to the technical support from tweeter... no one will know it better than they.
Nelek 23-Aug-18 7:02am View
he updated, I still don't understand well what he wants, but you might want to have a try :)
Nelek 23-Aug-18 6:59am View
3 years too late
Nelek 23-Aug-18 6:58am View
Text copied from non solution #2 (by the enquirer):

Will this add 1111 to existing number .

My aim is that if I have Custmoer number as 999999999 then I need to mask or hide 1st 5 digit and output should look like 111119999
Nelek 23-Aug-18 6:57am View
@Kirthiga S, just in case you wonder... my other comment is to protect you and your answer of being considered abuse (reputation hunting)
Nelek 23-Aug-18 6:55am View

This user has answered without looking at the date, but is nothing related to abuse. The "non-answer" that has brought this old question back to the light was the #3 (it will get nuked soon)

DON'T REPORT THIS SOLUTION, SINCE IT IS FULLY LEGITIMATE (correct or wrong, I don't mix me in that)
Nelek 23-Aug-18 6:47am View
In addition to both "NO" that you already have... even if we wanted to help you with this... we could not help you because your question is too vague and contains no information of what actually is needed.
Nelek 22-Aug-18 3:50am View
I would go for a spam / site driving tester
Nelek 21-Aug-18 8:27am View
This is a valid answer for this question. You should publish it below, to get it our of the unanswered list
Nelek 19-Aug-18 15:53pm View
Those software have their own forum to solve problems, you will probably get a better and faster answer there than here
Nelek 19-Aug-18 15:52pm View
What do you mean with "bad formatation"? Is it a bad format or a bad formation?
What do you expect? What are you getting?
Nelek 19-Aug-18 15:49pm View
How can you write correct code to list odd and even numbers and be unable to count them?
Probably by copying it from the internet? Getting someone else to do his homework? Or were you just asking a "rethoric question"? ;)
Nelek 19-Aug-18 15:45pm View
You probably said yes when asking to remove components that are "possibly" being used by other programs.
Nelek 13-Aug-18 10:22am View
You told OriginalGriff in a comment: "See my version underneath" and you published a solution.
What would have been so difficult to say "see my addition above" and edit the question telling "EDIT: addition after solution 1" and the writing all what you want?

Solutions are thought for people to answer you, not to have a conversation.
Nelek 13-Aug-18 10:20am View
If it is to add code or information relevant to the question and that can help other people understanding what you want... yes. It should go to the question
Nelek 11-Aug-18 17:36pm View
That's why I told you to update your question, you can write "adition after the comment of XXXX" and then your code

This way, everyone reading your question will see all the relevant information at once, without having to read all answers and comments.
Nelek 10-Aug-18 9:52am View
using the "have a quetion or comment" or the "reply" to another comment (as I am now doing with this message)
Nelek 10-Aug-18 8:27am View
If you don't understand what the code does, how do know it doesn't what you need to
Nelek 10-Aug-18 8:25am View
Please use the "improve question" if you need to add things to the question. Posting solutions will only make it more difficult to help you because they are not chronologically ordered
Nelek 10-Aug-18 8:25am View
Please use the "improve question" if you need to add things to the question. Posting solutions will only make it more difficult to help you because they are not chronologically ordered
Nelek 8-Aug-18 8:30am View
that's a bit too much "need" for a single "quick question"
Nelek 8-Aug-18 3:14am View
And that's what the first guy told you... you might make it difficult but you won't be able to stop it 100%.

And in addition to your comment below, we are not spamming anything. We are having a conversation to try to explain you, that what you are doing might be considered harmful in some context and why we say that. If you don't want to hear about it, it is your decision.
Nelek 8-Aug-18 2:22am View
Only because it is unwanted, it doesn't mean his affirmation is wrong.
I wouldn't use (and even less buy) a software that makes so many intrusive actions in my system.
Nelek 8-Aug-18 2:20am View
then don't post unnecessary solutions. You can use the "improve question" widget in your original post and add whatever you want to say there.
Nelek 7-Aug-18 15:01pm View
or at least site driving
Nelek 7-Aug-18 14:58pm View
he is one :)
Nelek 7-Aug-18 5:23am View
Nelek 3-Aug-18 5:01am View

This is boundary to abuse... I would not repeat it.
Nelek 1-Aug-18 7:50am View
Thanks for the merit of solving the bug, but are you sure it was me?

BTW you forgot the "not exit if not matching" ;)
Nelek 1-Aug-18 7:46am View
you forgot the "not exiting when not matching" part :)
I suppose we were writing simultaneously
Nelek 1-Aug-18 7:44am View
I was not sure (long time without compiling C / C++). I'll correct it right away. Thanks Carlo
Nelek 30-Jul-18 6:55am View
I have let your message through the spam filter, but... how is this going to help a 6 years old question, that is already marked as solved?
Nelek 29-Jul-18 13:19pm View
Not agree... the major part of his task is to understand what he is doing / needs to do. So far he is failing :sigh:
Nelek 28-Jul-18 16:09pm View
elegant, nice :)
Nelek 17-Jul-18 1:32am View
Additionally, if you are now having problems with another thing. I would recommend you to do a fast search to check if already answered in CP and if not, start a new thread. To avoid mixing topics keeps threads clean and it is easier to find things when searching for something concrete.
Nelek 17-Jul-18 1:30am View
Please stop posting "solutions" to chat with the people. If you want to tell them something, use the "have a question or comment" button below each solution or the "reply" button below each already existent comment. This way they will get a notification that you answered them and the probability to be read is much bigger.
Nelek 17-Jul-18 1:26am View
Agree with Dave:
Let's say it in other words... if the industry didn't came with that yet to avoid piracy... it is something quite ambitious for a single man